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  1. Istvan

    VBout: Update Contact with a Custom Fields - email problem

    Hello, I would like to use VBout: Update Contact with a Custom Fields action to modify the custom field data of a person already in the list. I set: - List ID - Contact ID. If I also set the email, I will receive this response: "Your contact already exists in list!" If I don't enter the...
  2. Istvan

    [solved ]VBout - Update contact - Only core fields

    Hello, How can I update the data in VBout custom fields? The "VBout update contact" action contains only five core fields: List id, Contact id, Email, Status, IP. Thanks.
  3. Istvan

    Encharge: get custom fields

    Hello, Action: Encharge / Search Person by Email. If I use the action with a different email address, I get different custom fields. Sometimes I only see the built-in Encharge fields, sometimes also what I recorded as a custom field. How could this be? I have only one existing Encharge...
  4. Istvan

    Pass HTML data as a variable

    Hello, State: I give an email body to Mailersend, depending on an inbound variable. I use the Numer formatter / Spreadsheet formulas to assign values. If (incoming_variable = 1, 'html text1', ... I then send it to Mailersend as a variable. Problem: It's hard to say it. I'll set it up, test it...
  5. Istvan

    Action: Automizy - Create or update contact / tag managing

    Hello, If I use the "Automizy - Create or update contact" Action, a tag is required. Why is it required, how does it work? The help text is that: "or assign a new tag from the field below" but doesn't allow, beacuse I get "Tags is Required" If I enter any tag, it will always override the tags...
  6. Istvan

    [Solved]Number formatter - counter: 2748 + 742 = 298918

    Hello, The number formatter - counter always counts this way (incorrectly) when running (pic1), but it counts well for the Save and send button (pic2).
  7. Istvan

    [Solved]Error codes, problem searching (Automizy action)

    Hello, I get error from "Create or Update Contact with Custom Fields" Automizy action in PC. code - 500 message - There was an error Everything went well this morning. This afternoon, all such actions ran into same error. 1, Does the error code and message always come from the app, in this case...
  8. Istvan

    CSV processing in PC - available ?

    Hello, Is CSV processing in PC available at now? Thanks
  9. Istvan

    [Solved]Google Mail sending: bad character encoding in header

    Hello, I sent Gmail email from PC. The email message is OK (blue), but the character encoding is incorrect for the header (orange).
  10. Istvan

    [Solved]API Actions' URL come from Text formatter

    Hello, I tested the API / Get action, okay, it worked well. However, if the URL came from a Text formatter, the same URL returns a different result. I think the Set parameters setting is not used by the API / GET if the URL comes from the Text formatter. Thanks.
  11. Istvan

    [Solved] Error handling (Find contact in Automizy)

    Hello, Is there error handling in Pabbly Connect? What I mean: I use Automizy.Find contact action. Now if it can't find a contact, I get an error message and the task stops. If I can use the error message e.g. in a Filter, it can go forward in the task, on two branches, with or without contact...
  12. Istvan

    Iterators / JSON extractor / Arrays - basics

    Hello, I apologize for the basic question. I’ve watched some videos, but I’m not sure how it works. What is the difference between Iterator / JSON extractor / Array if the input is JSON? Which one is practical to use in which case? If I want to concatenate all elements of a JSON level, which one...