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  1. Fagun Shah

    Is Facebook Page post action allows Bold, Italique orUnderline?

    Is Facebook Page postaction allows Bold, Italique orUnderline? If YES, then how to do that?
  2. Fagun Shah

    Google Meet or Google Calendar Event?

    If we use Pabbly Connect's Google Meet action then it only creates Google Calendar event and not the Google Meet Info in that event. How to solve this? Google Meet action should create googe meet type of event in the google calendar.
  3. Fagun Shah

    How to Extract 1 or more Email IDs from text?

    Example data: "sure, [email protected]" "Yes it is [email protected]" "[email protected] please" Regeex to use - ([a-zA-Z0-9._-][email protected][a-zA-Z0-9._-]+\.[a-zA-Z0-9._-]+)
  4. Fagun Shah

    How to use Multiple Attachments with Multiple Filenames in Gmail with Attachment action?

    This does not work, please give the solution -
  5. Fagun Shah

    Workflow is failing bcoz of Data Mapping Issue

    Workflow name - CLONE - [Gsheet Pabbly Schedule] In above workflow data is not passed properly by pabbly after receiving it from Gsheet to Text Formatter and Filter Step. This fails my whole workflow. Check task id - IjI2NDk3NDg1Ig_3D_3D In that you will see that pabbly get data from sheet...
  6. Fagun Shah

    FB Group New Posts Triggers for New Commnets Also

    I have setup a workflow for New Post in Pabbly FB Group where trigger is New Post Only. But is triggering for New Commnets also, How to stop that? Workflow name -FB Group
  7. Fagun Shah

    Pabbly Adds \\ instead of New Line

    I am sending an email for every new post in Pabbly FB group. Now the post can contain multiple newlines/enters. So when I map post content in Gmail in pabbly, it add // for new line. How to avoid it and make sure pabbly send content as it is. Wokrflow Name - FB Group
  8. Fagun Shah

    How specify time for every N days schedule or what is the defaulr time of execution for Every N day scheduler?

    How specify time for every N days schedule or what is the defaulr time of execution for Every N day scheduler?
  9. Fagun Shah

    How to pass Default Value in case of Blank response from Trigger app?

    Sometime users leaves blank fields in trigger apps and that field is required/nonempty in action app. In this can you can setup default value like this for required fields in pabbly connect -
  10. Fagun Shah

    Spintax "Randomized Content" support in Pabbly Connect

    About Spintax and example used in this workflow- ------------------------------------------------------------------- To spin a text you must write a base text and lock the words, sentence or paragraphs that you want to alternate, separating them by a vertical bar or pencil. Example: {That...
  11. Fagun Shah

    Schedule Workflow to Run on Every Month's 2nd Thursday

    High Res Screenshot PDF of the Workflow - Copy Workflow - Disclaimer - Currently the workflow is set for executing on Every...
  12. Fagun Shah

    Schedule Workflow for Every Month's Specific Date and Time

    Workflow High Res Screenshot PDF - Copy Workflow - Disclaimer - Currently WOrkflow is set for 9th of Every Month, you can...
  13. Fagun Shah

    Webhook Data is Different For test and actual workflow execution

    When capturing webhook data first time pabbly connect captures everything from Elementor Form Webhook(including IP and date, time) - But in actual live workflow it misses many data fields like date, time , ip etc., Why Pabbly connect captures diffrent data in testing and live workflow...
  14. Fagun Shah

    How to separate First Name and Last Name if there are multiple spaces?

    Names can be really long and may contain more than 2 or 3 spaces, how to split in a way that the the text before first space is taken as first name and every thing else after the first space as last name? Copy this Workflow -...
  15. Fagun Shah

    Countif formula does not work as expected

    This your example - I copypasted it in pabbly Number Formatter -> Spreadsheet Formula- As you can see it is not working as expected. And my other question is can we pass google sheet get rows array response in countif formula?
  16. Fagun Shah

    Getting Same Row Twice in Google Sheet Lookup Rows

    Video for the issue -
  17. Fagun Shah

    Plus and Minus Button in Google Sheet Get Rows

    What does + and - buttons do in google sheet rows action do and can you give one example of extra added fields filled/mapped? Same button are also available for Range field.
  18. Fagun Shah

    Why no sheet selection option in Get Rows?

    In Google Sheet action "Get Row(s)" pabbly does not give sheet selection option. Why?
  19. Fagun Shah

    How do I authenticate with UnSplash APi? - Question by Stephen Gordon in FB Group

    How do I authenticate with UnSplash APi? I'm building a workflow that includes an APi task sending a get request to the Unsplash APi to get an image. I have an access key and secret key to the api but every setup I've tried I get the same error, "OAuth error: The access token is invalid" How...