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  1. TheRealyMyKinds

    Zendesk Sell Error

    I'm getting this error in Zendesk Sell. Also, most of these fields are not required.
  2. TheRealyMyKinds

    Hubspot Trigger when Deal enters new stage

    Just wondering if it's possible to have a trigger when a deal enters a new stage of the sales pipeline in Hubspot. I've attached a zapier screenshot of what I'm looking for.
  3. TheRealyMyKinds

    Gmail Blocking Sending Email

    Was trying to set up an automation and had to keep sending an email to myself, but now Gmail is blocking the emails and keeps giving me this error. It had been about 22 hours since I tried yesterday, and thought it might be fixed today, but so far is not.
  4. TheRealyMyKinds

    New row in google sheet

    Getting this error when I try to set up the google sheets add-on. Any ideas? Doesn't matter what trigger column I try to use, they all say this.