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Search results

  1. Hermes

    Need Help with Notion Query a Database Action

    { "and": [{ "property":"Subject", "rich_text": {"contains":"Subject" }}, { "property":"Marks", "number": { "greater_than":200} }] }
  2. Hermes

    JSON code for PUT API in Pabbly

    Please use this: "customFields" : [ { "_id" : "PLbDXZKuH22Scn9Ya", "value" : "{{__data.entity}}" }
  3. Hermes

    Dropbox: New File >> ShortPixel: Optimize Image >> Dropbox: Upload File

    The problem is that the image is scheduled for processing. Please find enclosed a short video of how I solved it. I think lossless compression is faster, so you get faster response. But maybe you can add a wait in between but i solved it with "Devault value" If the image is not optimised, then...
  4. Hermes

    Plutio proposal signature block

    @Durkis @Pabbly @Supreme Thats doable by following the steps I have in this workflow: https://connect.pabbly.com/workflow/share/D0dSYAJFAWBRGgJWAENTew0ZACkBS1QCUDcEFg## What happens here: I have created a template for proposals with the signature at the bottoms and items just above. In step 3 I...
  5. Hermes

    Custom Apps - Optional parameters NOT to be added to http request

    @gleeballs I see and can understand your concern. but what I noticed aswell is that not all requests are updated by Pabbly team. For instance https://pabbly.hellonext.co/b/Update-Existing-Application/p/wa-api-94f6e85b-ed8f-4aad-8f4d-31f80f61d6d5 is already published. Next to that, since some...
  6. Hermes

    Updating CRM Contact Flowlu

    It should work like this: Change https://support.heraklant.nl in your flowlu url Change 1196 in the id you need to change (that can be linked to a prior step) Change 1 (in Raw Json) in the category code you want (https://support.heraklant.nl/cabinet/all_settings?section=crm&part=settings)
  7. Hermes

    Updating CRM Contact Flowlu

    @Morck Sure, what field do you need to change?
  8. Hermes

    Updating CRM Contact Flowlu

    You can use the Custom API Request (Post) action
  9. Hermes

    More Plutio Triggers

    Then you need to use routers (or filters if it's just 1). In the router yoy can filter on task.create AND Name And ProjectID (last 1 you need to have the projectid because in tasks triggers only projectid will be shown)
  10. Hermes

    Plutio person search and router issue

    Problem here is that response is different when a person is found or not found. What I do is creating a workflow for a person who doesnt exist. I don't click on simple response, and receive a response is blank. Then create a router and filter on if response is empty. Then add a person and do...
  11. Hermes

    Pabbly - Flowlu Integration problem

    @Supreme Flowlu does support custom fields for Opportunity (or leads), you have to filter on fieldset = 3 (filter[fieldset_id]=3)
  12. Hermes

    Problem with Splitting of names

    Best is a router, with route 1 is that if result0 = Dr or Drs or Mr or anything you could think of, then add result1 as surname. With a router you could add all possibilities, if 1 still now correct just add it to the router and re-execute
  13. Hermes

    'Contact already Exists' Sendinblue

    In this workflow you need to add an action "Get a contact information" There are 2 possible responses, contact exists and contact doesnt exist. After that you need to add a router (with filtering the responses, thats not easy because it's different for each tool). In router 1 the action "create...
  14. Hermes

    Error iun update record GetGrist

    Bad request (missing header) Can you please check if update record in getgirst is still working?
  15. Hermes

    I have a question for connecting Stackby To Flowlu, I have a detailed example.

    @humantab Pabbly displays the custom fields that are created under all accounts. I see you dont have the ability to create custom fields there
  16. Hermes

    Flowlu Integration Suggested Important Optimization

    True, dunno if Pabbly team can manage this bus Flowlu has 3 fields so you can link tasks (or other databases) to another 1. Normally Pabbly will give you then the option to select modules and then the id of that module. The latter seems to me the problem for this. It is simple to add fields like...
  17. Hermes

    "Date" field

    The task has been created, I can see them. But it's indeed not visible in projects. That has something to do with taskgroups I believe (you have 30 of them in the project it should go). But I can see 6 testnew tasks in your account. Please let me help you with the automation part, And check how...
  18. Hermes

    "Date" field

    @Durkis this method I use for Plutio dates:
  19. Hermes

    Add client in Agiled needs to be changed

    Some time ago Agiled changed there crm, you have updated contacts module but the clients module isn't working anymore. Please update it: https://my.agiled.app/developers
  20. Hermes

    Any recommendation for Pabbly Experts? (paid help)

    Just hire/contact @Fagun Shah