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Search results

  1. omp

    Can I Append a BBcode Table to Google Docs

    I want to add a table to Google Docs. I am using BBcode (https://forum.pabbly.com/help/bb-codes/) However it doesn't work, I tested Zapier, it supports HTML and successfully inserts a table into Docs. Does Pabbly support BBcode Table and insert to Docs ? or is there any other format that can...
  2. omp

    google docs to openai

    hi, My students submit homework to my Google drive, different docs have different numbers of paragraphs. Then I will process their homework using OpenAI. However, Google docs return text content for each paragraph. Is there any tip and trick that can combine them into one?
  3. omp

    parse web page like Zapier

    is it possible to Parse webpage ? then I can use openAI to rewrite Below is the use case using Zapier:
  4. omp

    OpenAI - Response not received in 25 seconds.

    I have sent this to OpenAI. Hope the issue will be fixed, thanks much
  5. omp

    WordPrerss webhook no response

    I have set a trigger for WordPress > a new post published I have input webhook but no response. Its works well in my same site when the trigger is a "new post update" in other automation Is it doesn't allow one site to perform 2 different WordPress triggers? I have record screen here ...
  6. omp

    OpenAI - Response not received in 25 seconds.

    I have the same issue. You can try using it at https://beta.openai.com/playground it normally takes more than 25 seconds for a long article. As openAI become more popular, more user will face the same issue. Please consider finding a solution, thanks.
  7. omp

    Integrate openAI Whisper

    I want to my video/audio into text
  8. omp

    Use pabble API & Twilio to send WhatsApp Template

    I am trying to use the Pabbly API webhook and connect to Twilio to send WhatsApp template. I am following this instruction : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58486687/how-to-send-a-whatsapp-message-through-twilio-via-zapier-webhook My WhatsApp phone number is verified and the template...
  9. omp

    WhatsApp Cloud API. It said my number is unregister

    I follow above video to setup a whatsApp app : - I have verified the new number by SMS, - when creating whatsapp App, I choose exsiting Business Account - then it said my number and test number "unregistered" - I cant send test message Does anyone know how should I fix it ? Thanks