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  1. Resham

    I upgraded from the free plan and paid, but the system keeps me on the free plan with no plan features

    Hi, Extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused! We have updated your account. You can now access all the features of a paid account
  2. Resham

    The person submitting the form is not getting an email confirmation from Pabbly, only the admin gets a form submission confirmation.

    Hi, Greetings of the day! Due to some technical glitch, your account was not updated. In a trial plan email notifications are disabled. We have updated your account, email notification will now be sent.
  3. Resham

    How to cancel the Subscription?

    Would you like to cancel your subscription? Your presence is highly valued by us, and it's disheartening to witness your departure. If there is something we can do to keep you continuing the service, we would be happy to connect with you via Google Meet or any other preferred method. If...
  4. Resham

    team member unable login

    Hi, You can reset the password. https://accounts.pabbly.com/forgotpassword A reset link will be sent on the registered email address. Hope it helps!
  5. Resham

    Question using a scale rating

    Hi, You can have something like this: https://forms.pabbly.com/form/share/ipca-722595270
  6. Resham

    Generate Amazon SES IAM Credentials

    In this document, you will get the steps to generate Amazon SES credentials which you will be needing to connect to Pabbly Email Marketing account with your Amazon SES account. This documentation assumes that you are already done with the below steps – A. Created an Amazon SES Account. B...
  7. Resham

    Amazon SES Bounce & Spam handling settings

    Step 1: Search for Simple Notification Service in your AWS Console in the same region where Amazon SES is connected: Step 2: Click on “Topics” Step 3: Click on “Create Topic” Step 4: Click on “Standard" Step 5: Add a name of your topic Step 6: Add a Display name for your topic Step...
  8. Resham

    How to connect Gmail as an SMTP server?

    The process for connecting Gsuit is same as above!
  9. Resham

    How to resend emails to the non-openers?

    There are two ways to send to non-openers First: At the time of sending your campaign, select send with auto follow-up, and give the sending day and time. Sending day: 1 means the email will be automatically resent to the non-openers after 24 hrs of actual delivery. Second: You can use...
  10. Resham

    How to exclude subscribers from a list at the time of email sending?

    For excluding subscribers from any list you just need to deselect the list the subscribers are already in. As shown in the following image, I wanted to send a campaign to my default list but wanted to exclude a few email addresses which are in List 5, so I deselected List 5 and selected the...
  11. Resham

    What is SMTP Routing, is it useful?

    We have this special feature known as SMTP routing. With the use of this feature, you will be able to send a single campaign from multiple SMTP at the same time. This will help you to compare which SMTP is performing best for you. It's a user friendly feature, following are the steps to use...
  12. Resham

    How to add Amazon SES as your SMTP server?

    All you need to do is sign up with them- https://aws.amazon.com/ses/ And connect it with Pabbly following this video tutorial - At last, you will be needing to get out of Sandbox mode which you can after submitting Sending limit increase request form which you can follow this documentation -...
  13. Resham

    How to connect Pabbly Send With Us (Inbuilt SMTP) as your delivery server?

    For connecting Pabbly Send With Us (Inbuilt SMTP), please ensure the domain you're adding fulfills the following requirements. After this you need to verify your Cname Records: Go to your DNS provider's website. If you aren't sure which DNS provider serves your domain, you can look it up by...
  14. Resham

    How to connect Gmail as an SMTP server?

    You will have to follow the following steps: Go to the Delivery Server Click on “Add Delivery Server” Then from the drop-down select “Gmail” as your SMTP Server In “From Email” write your Gmail email address In “USERNAME/API Key” write your Gmail email address again For “Password/Secret Key”...
  15. Resham

    Not able to edit the automation, how to edit automation?

    For editing the automation, you need to first off the active automation.
  16. Resham

    Will the email be sent to the people who have unsubscribed?

    No, when the email address lands in the suppression list of Pabbly Email Marketing, it will not receive any emails from you, you will be able to see those email addresses in your list highlighted with an orange bar, but they will not be receiving any emails from you once they land in the...
  17. Resham

    Where to check bounce and spam Emails?

    In the subscriber section, we have a suppression list, which keeps a record of unsubscribed emails, bounce emails, and spam/complaint emails. And, on the top of the list, you can know the count of people who has unsubscribed you.
  18. Resham

    If two of my subscriber lists contain the same email address, will it be counted as two or one in the total subscriber section?

    We just count the unique email address, therefore if the email address is repeated twice in different lists or even multiple times in different- different lists it won't be recounted.
  19. Resham

    Can I add dynamic links in the template?

    Yes, you have to add the links while uploading your subscribers, as shown in Image 1 Once the links are added, you can use them as personalization {links} Image 1 It will look like this for user: 1 For user: 2
  20. Resham

    Where to add a custom field and how to use it?

    In the subscriber section, there are two ways to add custom fields, either you can add them at the time of importing your subscriber list or you can add them from the Subscriber section right corner three dots. Once it's added you can use your custom field as personalization in your email...