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    Why does not Youtube allow me to post a video in certain category?

    It is a new account that is regular one. I did not know if there are different types of YT accounts?
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    Why does not Youtube allow me to post a video in certain category?

    Hi, I am having an issue with YouTube upload automation where I cannot post a video in category 42, which is the shorts category, even though the length of the content is 34 seconds and made by Creatomate in MP4 format. When I switch it to Blogs and People, category 22, I can upload with no...
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    How I can check if the delayed action is working?

    If you look at my history, there is no even one workflow that is fully executed after the delay. That is why I wonder if that is working or not?
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    How I can check if the delayed action is working?

    Hi everyone, I would like to ask if you could check whether my workflow works properly. It is based on a delay of 14 days, and unfortunately, upon reviewing my history, I do not see any properly executed actions after the delay. I wonder if you could check for me if my setup is correct or maybe...
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    Airtable Modified Field Trigger?

    Unfortunately, the workflow does not work automatically. The trigger, set for 10 minutes, does not send any data. It only functions when I manually proceed step by step. Here Airtable ss:
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    Airtable Modified Field Trigger?

    I noticed that Pabbly has updated Airtable triggers actions, which is great because now you can create a trigger based on the modification in a cell. I have some questions: Can I set up a trigger on the particular field modification, or does it only work for the entire table? If I can, how can...
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    Can I send message to Instagram user from Business Profile?

    Hi everyone, Can I send message to Instagram user from Business Profile?
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    Do you know how to keep external url valid for longer than 2 hours?

    Hi, I'm experiencing an issue with image URLs that become invalid after two hours following transformation into the desired format. I'm attempting to insert the URL into a Google Sheet from Airtable, but the link obtained is valid for only two hours. I'm seeking suggestions on how to make this...
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    Can Pabbly track field modification in airtable?

    Hi, I'm curious if Pabbly, as a third-party application, can track any changes made to attachment fields. I need this functionality to set up conditional logic within my workflows. Do you have any recommendations? I just need information if a field was modified within last 24 hours.
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    Is Pabbly planning to bulid "Pabbly Chat Bot in the future"?

    Hi, I was wondering if Pabbly is considering developing a "Pabbly Chat Bot" product in the future. I believe this would be a strategic and well-received move in the market.
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    Telegram bot created with Chatbase into a website as a pop-up window?

    Hi everyone, I'm curious if it's possible to integrate a Telegram bot created with Chatbase into a website as a pop-up window. This would allow users to interact with the bot directly from the website without having to open a separate Telegram window. Is there a specific process or tool for...
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    Google Vision Question?

    Hi everyone, I created a workflow using the Google Vision app. The primary purpose of this workflow is to build an AI Business Card Reader. I'm curious if there are more efficient and effective approaches to extracting information from the Google Vision app and organizing it into categories...
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    Auto Calls via AI in Pabbly?

    Hi everyone, I'm wondering if Pabbly offers any integration options that allow me to build my own AI assistant capable of making calls to my customers or leads based on scripts and rules I provide. Is this type of functionality available? Thanks for your help!
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    Dropbox Path Issue?

    It worked thank you.
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    Dropbox Path Issue?

    Hi everyone, I'm having an issue with my Dropbox automation, where I want to upload an image from Jotform, extract the image link, and then upload it to Dropbox. I'm receiving an error message that says "No path found." I've double-checked the Pabbly video instructions, but I can't understand...
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    Can I prefill my checkout with the value?

    Hi everyone, Is it possible for me to prefill my checkout fields with a value? The value will be retrieved from Airtable.
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    Is there Airtable 2.0 trigger option?

    Ok, thanks for information.
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    Search FiIe Airtable Issue?

    I fixed it. Thanks