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    Custom action step or a trigger

    Hi Pabbly is great! The team keeps adding new services. However, there are times when a service is not so popular that the team may not be able to add it to Pabbly. I'm wondering, if I have the API documentation for a service, can I build an action step or a trigger for myself? Also, is there...
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    How to use Extract Pattern with replace() ??

    Hi I am using Extract Pattern now. Can I use like this? replace(/\[.*?\]/g, ""); I need to replace something but I don't know how to use with replace() function which is mentioned in https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Guide/Regular_Expressions I can get some text by \[.*?\]...
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    The Code by Pabbly

    Hi I am using the Code by Pabbly : Run JavaScript (Beta) I am wondering is there any way that I can out put data without the time format and the [INFO]?? Here is the code I use. for (const block of code) { console.log(`${block[0]} ${block[1]}`); if (block[2] != null) {...
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    Woocommerce Product Update, Retrieve Product by ID is missing Category

    Hi @Kunal Valuskar I am try to update a product. I need to update the Stock quantity when every 1st of month. 1. Using Schedule by Pabbly to set the date for trigger. 2. Add WooCommerce and select "Retrieve product by ID" or "Retrieve product by name or slug" 3. Add connect to website via REST...
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    Fluent Forms to WooCommerce Basket

    Do we have any solution that can use WooCommerce payment gateway after Fluent form submitted? Or After we create the order how do we make user to pay via WooCommerce?? Thank you for the answer.
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    About The Affiliate Links

    Hi As I mention it's not to sale my own product. The links you provide are all about "Pabbly Subscription Billing". I not meaning the https://payments.pabbly.com/ one I am meaning the https://payments.pabbly.com/portal/app/en/affiliateportal/affiliate/multi-tier one It's still not make me...
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    About The Affiliate Links

    Hi I think that's a misunderstanding. I am meaning the "Multi-Tier Affiliates link" to sale your product not my own. How I make this link to some product pages of Pabbly but not to Pabbly signup URL?? Thank you!!
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    About The Affiliate Links

    Hi The original "Multi-Tier Affiliates link" is only go to signup page. Is it possible have few kinds of "Multi-Tier Affiliates link" that go to Email Verification Page or Pabbly Connect page etc? Thank you!!
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    About The Affiliate Links

    Hi I am sometime share my Affiliate Links to some other people. The direct link to some page is good. But how I make the "Multi-Tier Affiliates link" link to some page not to the signup URL?? Is there any way I can rewrite them?? Thank you?