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  1. Sonam

    Change Expiry date of subscription

    Thanks for the clarification. Our team is dedicatedly working on the updates so you can expect such type of feature added in the upcoming days in PSB.
  2. Sonam

    Change Expiry date of subscription

    Thanks for the request. We'll check on the possibilities for this with the team. Meanwhile, we have implemented a feature under the plan edit section in PSB where you can set an option for keeping the subscription live even after the completion of all billing cycles. So the above setup will...
  3. Sonam

    Possiblities of below features

    Hi Akshay, You can track the import option under the customer tab in the Pabbly account. For more info, please follow this doc -
  4. Sonam

    Sell pets online via PSB

    Please follow the below steps to sell Dogs online via Pabbly Subscription Billing – ================================================================= 1) Sign up for a Pabbly Subscription Billing via this link - 2) Create Products & Plans to the Pabbly account...
  5. Sonam

    Email Notification System in PSB

    Pabbly Subscription Billing has a framework wherein the email notifications are automatically triggered for each specific activity including purchasing two different subscriptions via the same payment gateway. It has an inbuilt Email notification system that consists of pre-defined default email...
  6. Sonam

    Product shall show default tax without selecting country/state while checkout

    Hi Akshay, Thanks for sharing the requirement. Currently, such a feature is not enabled in Pabbly Subscription Billing however we'll get this reviewed with our team & will check on the possibilities for the same.
  7. Sonam

    Setting a shipping cost on a checkout page in PSB

    In Pabbly Subscription Billing, shipping costs for a subscription can be set by selecting a setup fee at the time of plan creation. The setup fee option is available on the Add plan page that can be enabled to add a one-time fee for any service. Below is the sample image to locate the option -...
  8. Sonam

    Payment reminders in PSB

    Please find the answers in below points - 1) Pabbly Subscription Billing has an inbuilt Email notification system that triggers a reminder notification for a recurring billing automatically 7 days before the due date. So that the customers are aware of the charge & manage the billing at their...
  9. Sonam

    Coupons in Pabbly Subscription Billing

    Pabbly Subscription Billing has the facility of creating coupons that are used to provide offers & discounts on particular products & services. The Coupon option is located under the plan section of Pabbly account. It provides internal options to set a coupon name & code following the coupon...
  10. Sonam

    Adding staff members

    Hi Akshay, Currently, there is no such option to add staff members in PSB. Instead, you'll be required to share account credentials with the team in order to provide access for managing subscription activities.
  11. Sonam

    How to process refund to customers in PSB

    The refund can be processed by going to the sales section where on the customer's sales page you'll get an option for the refund on the top behind the three vertical dots in the Pabbly account. In Pabbly Subscription Billing releasing the amount for a refund depends on the payment gateway...
  12. Sonam

    Multicurrency & Affiliate Module in PSB

    Please follow the answers in the below points - 1) Multicurrency Module is an inbuilt feature that allows collecting payments in international currencies in Pabbly Subscription Billing. A user is simply required to go to the option under the settings tab & click on an add currency option...
  13. Sonam

    Sales Funnel in PSB

    Pabbly Subscription Billing offers to create a sales funnel in Upsell & Downsell manner that supports to understand & visualize the sales process. For reference, please follow this doc - Also, Razorpay gateway is...
  14. Sonam

    Setting up Custom Domain to Pabbly account

    Hi Krish, Custom domain in Razorpay will work with OAuth integration. To know more, please check this doc -
  15. Sonam

    Variable Products

    Hi, You can sell any products using Pabbly Subscription Billing by simply creating plans so that a checkout page will be generated that can be used to sell the subscriptions & can collect payments using more than 20+ integrated payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Razorpay & many more. For...
  16. Sonam

    Ray Mizzi PBS Issues and Requests

    Hi Ray, We have shared a video on the same through the ticket via email. Therefore, we request you to please check again with the help of video as it is now working correctly in the Pabbly account.
  17. Sonam

    Plans in Pabbly Subscription Billing

    Pabbly Subscription Billing allows to sell their services in the form of Products & Plans for which a checkout page link is being generated on every plan creation. Therefore, PLAN Name simply refers to the custom name of any service that can be set while creating a plan. For eg - If you’re...
  18. Sonam

    Set up a Subscription for different country/region along with implying tax rule

    Pabbly Subscription Billing supports multiple payment gateway integrations in a single Pabbly account. Therefore, you can easily integrate Razorpay & Stripe gateway simultaneously for collecting payments from the customers. Hence, you can set up an account in the following manner -...
  19. Sonam

    "Add Script" in checkout customizer

    Pabbly Subscription Billing has a checkout page customizer option that allows a user not only customizing the checkout page but also for Thank you page. For reference, please check this screenshot - In the "Add Script" option, you can add a conversion tracking code (Like Google Analytics or...
  20. Sonam

    Sell Agricultural Products online via PSB

    Please follow the below steps to sell Agricutural Products online via Pabbly Subscription Billing – ================================================================= 1) Sign up for a Pabbly Subscription Billing via this link - 2) Create Products & Plans to the...