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    Google Sheets Webhook > Random Record Iteration - Why?

    Here's a video walkthrough of what's happening: https://komododecks.com/recordings/ns5R5b4jZgvJx4MfGVxY Why? I really appreciate any help you can provide!
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    Create Google Doc [on 1st Record Only]

    Agree to disagree, but thanks for the suggestion. I figured it out on my own, thanks! :-)
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    Create Google Doc [on 1st Record Only]

    Haha, but what is the point of an automation tool then? ;-) The only manual step should be the data inserted into Google Sheets.
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    Create Google Doc [on 1st Record Only]

    Thanks for your response! But I don't want a new document for each row - I only want 1 document that will be filled in with data taken from the spreadsheet. I have it mostly working: Webhook trigger (simple response, because advanced response isn't working for me?) Counter (initial value = 0...
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    Create Google Doc [on 1st Record Only]

    Here are the steps I want: Google Sheets sends data to Pabbly via Webhook Create Google Doc Populate Google Doc with each Google Sheets row My question is: How do I create only one Google Doc? I don't want to make a new document for each row. I tried using the Pabbly Router: Route 1: Create...
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    Google Sheets > Google Docs > WordPress

    I have a Google Docs URL stored in a Google Sheet. I want to copy all content from the Google Doc and use it to create a WordPress post ("Post Content"). I have the Google Sheets trigger and the WordPress "Create a Post" action, but how can I get the content from Google Docs? Thank You!
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    How to run an action once only?

    I have a workflow that creates Google Docs from Airtable records. It is common to create many Google Docs at once. I want to send only 1 Slack channel message when the job is done, NOT a Slack message for every Google Doc created. How can I accomplish this? Thanks!
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    Wordpress Custom Field

    Continuing with our conversation thus far, I am trying to find a workaround with this idea in mind: Workflow #1: Airtable record > Create Wordpress post Workflow #2: Update Wordpress post > Search Airtable record > Update searched Airtable record with Wordpress custom field changes I don't see...
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    Wordpress Custom Field

    Thanks for taking the time to explain, I really appreciate it! And thank you for helping me work through this because this is a crucial step for us in our Pabbly investment. To be clear, this is a Wordpress thing and not an Airtable thing, correct? For example, would it still not work if the...
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    Wordpress Custom Field

    Thanks for the reply. I am confused, though. I have another workflow: Wordpress Register User > Create Airtable record. The Wordpress register user has a custom field that is available in the Pabbly trigger and is successfully passed to the Airtable record. Why are Wordpress custom fields...
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    Wordpress Custom Field

    I have this workflow: New Air Table record > Create Wordpress Post. I have custom fields (created with Advanced Custom Posts plugin) on the Wordpress posts table that I need to populate. I received the column data from the Air Table trigger, but how do I map it in the Create Wordpress post...