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  1. J

    Filter Not Working

    @Supreme so would splitting the one filter with the OR function into 2 separate filters back to back with one "Does not contain" removed and the other one "Does not contain" sold would that solve the issue I am having?
  2. J

    Filter Not Working

    @Supreme Yes I have a list with a column field "Listing Status" and do not want to process any data that has a listing status of "Sold" or "Listing Removed" and with the filter I said only process data that does not contain a listing status of "sold" OR "removed".
  3. J

    Filter Not Working

    Hi My filter is not working as planned. It should only process records that do not have the word removed or sold in their listing status but it does not filter correctly. Can you please advise what the issue here is? Thanks
  4. J

    Google Sheet Auto Send On Schedule

    I have a Google Sheet file which is connected via webhook to pabbly and runs an api request with the data that's located in the Google Sheets file. I want to auto send the data to pabbly and just realized that the "Auto Send On Schedule" option will send the data to pabbly every hour but that...
  5. J


    I am currently setting up a pabbly flow to scrape zillow listings and want to scrape all pages of the results. The iterator has only picked up page 1 of the results. how can the iterator go through all 8 pages of results?
  6. J

    Podio Can't Update Item

    I am trying to update an item with a link and a category update but when I map the specific item fields I always get this forbidden error message
  7. J

    Lead Migration from GHL to New GHL

    resolved - can be deleted
  8. J

    Lead Migration from GHL to New GHL

    Hi I am currently migrating all contacts from my old GHL account to a new GHL account via webhook >create or update contact (new GHL) and have mapped all the fields and custom fields to the new GHL account where I imported the old GHL's snapshot into so all custom fields are the same...
  9. J

    Incoming Email (Outlook) will trigger Mautic action

    @Supreme thanks for that tip. I connected my mautic and enabled api access but now I am getting this access_denied error in pabbly. Any advice?
  10. J

    Incoming Email (Outlook) will trigger Mautic action

    Thank you @Supreme Question - my outlook is connected to my domain's email address via imap/smtp which is different from the outlook account email address. Is there a work around for that scenario? Thanks
  11. J

    Incoming Email (Outlook) will trigger Mautic action

    Hi I am sending cold emails via mautic from email address A (sender email) and receive all responses to email B (receiver email). Is it possible to add all incoming email addresses to a google sheet (preferably emails with a specific word in the subject line) and then check if the email exists...
  12. J

    Podio Get Item Details - expired_token

    Hi I created a Podio New Item > Get Item Details > Send Slack Channel Message automation and in the beginning it worked right after I connected my podio to pabbly but the next day I started to receive the expired_token error emails. However if I reauthorize the pabbly connection with podio it...