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  1. K

    Cannot Connect YouTube Channel

    Okay. To give you a hint: This happens for every (!) YouTube account that is trying to connect to Pabbly that was created after August 4, 2021.
  2. K

    Cannot Connect YouTube Channel

    Any update on this issue?
  3. K

    Cannot Connect YouTube Channel

    @ArshilAhmad both resources you shared refer to Google Suite, meaning an organizational Google account that one would be admin of. However, 99% of your users will likely not be in that situation and will instead just have normal Google accounts. This has been discussed here in this forum time...
  4. K

    Cannot Connect YouTube Channel

    It is unfortunately an error that only Pabbly is facing (Zapier and all other tools I've tried work just fine) that is concerning newer accounts that have been created after August 4, 2021.
  5. K

    Cannot connect any new YouTube accounts

    Hi @ArshilAhmad, could you figure anything out?
  6. K

    Cannot connect any new YouTube accounts

    Here's the video to replicate the error: https://www.loom.com/share/75ce521847d44b29bc9eb4fb327f9308
  7. K

    Cannot connect any new YouTube accounts

    I get the "Error 400: admin_policy_enforced." for every YouTube account that I'm trying to connect to Pabbly. Connecting to Pabbly only seems to be working for accounts that are 2 years+ old. The workaround to merge the account with a personal account and then connect to Pabbly also doesn't...
  8. K

    Update/Delete Google Calendar Events in Notion

    Hi @Supreme, I've managed to set up something to delete an event from my calendar, including a "Task Done" property when a Google Calendar event is deleted. However, I've not yet figured out what I can do to change the time of an event in Notion (in this case, a database item), when an event in...
  9. K

    Update/Delete Google Calendar Events in Notion

    I have a workflow set up that pushes new Google Calendar events into Notion. However, how do I set it up that changes to the event like a new time are also reflected in Notion, or that the event gets deleted in Notion when it's also deleted in Google Calendar?
  10. K

    Proposing a new app integration for Kajabi

    Hey @jasongodev @Pabbly - this sounds great! Have you made any progress with these updated integrations for Kajabi? Would help a lot.
  11. K

    Google Calendar to Notion Template outdated

    Hi there, I just watched this video from you and copied the workflow template in the description since this is exactly what I'm looking for. What I'm trying to achieve is getting my Google Calendar events also in my Notion calendar. I've tried the template but it doesn't work. The events say...
  12. K

    Kajabi to Textlocal

    Thanks for your answer! I've realized the issue now. I was trying with an International phone number before, but it seems that only Indian phone numbers starting with 91 work with Textlocal. Tried it with an Indian number and now it worked.
  13. K

    Kajabi to Textlocal

    Hi there, looking to connect Kajabi to Textlocal and facing some issues. The workflow should create a new contact in Textlocal when a new Kajabi form is submitted. Currently, I'm receiving these error messages. The first one is with simple response activated, the second one with simple...