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Search results

  1. jhabscheid

    Java Script inside of Pabbly

    Zapier allows the use of Javascript inside of a module. Is its possible with Pabbly?
  2. jhabscheid

    Go HighLevel - Create Location Endpoint

    The location key works for some things pertaining to the location. The only tool to create a location without having the agency apu is Zapier. If you think about that - each and every one of your customers - even if they are just users can take the API key, create the location and even steal...
  3. jhabscheid

    Go HighLevel - Create Location Endpoint

    Are you using the agency API key? Location API key only works in Zapier.
  4. jhabscheid

    HighLevel Update Contact Bug

    I actually think that after my first initial check I did something wrong, and it looks like it works now. Thank you very much for the diligent effort to help.
  5. jhabscheid

    HighLevel Update Contact Bug

    Can I have you look at the specific module. I update a lot of fields and it does not update them all. Also - If I do not update a field it deletes the field. So I have update all my custom fields to preserve them. The account is [email protected] - the step in question is the last one.
  6. jhabscheid

    HighLevel Update Contact Bug

    IT does not work completely. It updates some fields but others it does not. This is not my account - I am setting this up for a client. There are (50 or so) a lot of custom fields to be updated. Is there a limit? Also - it makes no sense that it would not update because the fields are there...
  7. jhabscheid

    HighLevel Update Contact Bug

    Thanks - Any update? I can try again to see if it works now.
  8. jhabscheid

    HighLevel Update Contact Bug

    The Highlevel Update Contact Endpoint does not update a contact if any of the fields are mapped. It does update fields that are just typed information. Could you check this?
  9. jhabscheid

    Change Trigger Webhook

    It looks like the Webhook URL stays always the same for all workflow triggers. How can that be?
  10. jhabscheid

    Change Trigger Webhook

    Shared Pabbly Workflows also share the Trigger Webhook. How can I change/update that webhook?
  11. jhabscheid

    Go HighLevel - Create Location Endpoint

    Hi there, Would it be possible to update the create location endpoint to allow the mailgun settings and not only twilio. https://developers.gohighlevel.com/#a19635a2-8231-43bb-b978-c7a78b520a59 Thanks Joe Habscheid
  12. jhabscheid

    Mailgun Integration - Cloudflare

    Would it be possible to add a create domain endpoint to the mailgun integration? https://documentation.mailgun.com/en/latest/api-domains.html#example? Reason for this - Almost all deliverability issues in Highlevel come from using the wrong domain. Creating a domain and then creating the...
  13. jhabscheid

    Heights Platform Integration does nothing.

    Hi there. Used my heights platform membership system and wanted to enroll a student. Pabbly Connects, but then has no data, nor does it send data to be tested. The response is empty.