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  1. Aar


    Hello, I already know the integration to send WhatsApp on new or updated rows. I have all my customers of last year and I want to send a whatsapp message to all of them from an excel or google sheets using a whatsapp template on meta. How can i do it? Thanks!
  2. Aar

    Tasks consumed

    @Supreme I have updated, but I don't find how to execute the tasks that were suspended. Can you please help me?
  3. Aar

    Tasks consumed

  4. Aar

    Tasks consumed

    Super, thanks, and you confirm that the monthly subscription is added to the lifetime deal? I don't want to loose that
  5. Aar

    Tasks consumed

    Thanks Mr Supreme, As I run a yearly spots event, I will need extra tasks only 2 months a year... Is it possible tu buy a set of extra tasks when needed? We are no profit
  6. Aar

    Tasks consumed

    Hello, I finished my monthly tasks ... is it possible to resume and execute them at the beginning of next month, or are lost forever? regards!
  7. Aar

    Trigger WhatsApp cloud message received

    Not working like this. The first step is a filter, second is a router. The task fails but credits are used
  8. Aar

    Trigger WhatsApp cloud message received

    Hello, you did a tutorial on how to save messages to google sheets. Interesting In that tutorial, you show a trigger "message received" Now you changed in read, sent, received, and delivered. So if I want to save my messages, I a wasting lots of tasks because the trigger is too generic Yes, I...
  9. Aar

    Whatsapp Cloud API - Meta, get messages

    Hello, is there a way to reply to any message on Whatsapp Cloud API automatically using a template? I am using Pabbly + Cloud API to send a confirmation message on e-commerce order I am using our VOICE number as sender on whatsapp I would like to send to all the people that are answering to...
  10. Aar

    Pabbly and Messagebird or any Whatsapp provider

    hello, I saw the integration of Messagebird to start a conversation on a channel, but I am not able to configure it using the templates on messagbird. Any idea if this is possible or how to do it? Is there any other supported Whatsapp messaging provider that works with pabbly? Thanks! Tommaso
  11. Aar

    features on Messagebird

  12. Aar

    features on Messagebird

    Yes, but not whatsapp. So the answer is no. Thanks
  13. Aar

    Row update in GoogleSheets

    Hello, I would like to setup an integration to update the orders in Google Sheets from Woocommerce Is it possible to map the rows with the order numbers? I am collecting the orders with a task, then I need to update the status on order update event. Thanks for your help!
  14. Aar

    features on Messagebird

    Hello is there a way to send a whatsapp message using messagebird templates? regards
  15. Aar

    Mail marketing provider integration

    Hello I need to set up and integrate a task to feed an email marketing provider (I use Mailjet but I open to any other) giving to the provider the list name according to the data from the form... for example: Jon Doe product A ---> subscribed to List A Mark Twain product B---> subscribed to List...