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Search results

  1. hcarreon

    Email Parser Email Attachments Not Recognized

    Is there any work around this issue?
  2. hcarreon

    Email Parser Email Attachments Not Recognized

    So my flow has an email parser that stores files to pcloud, everything is working excellent with pdf files. But all of those emails come with 2 attachments, one pdf and one xml. What is the solution to be able to store the xml files also? They are not being recognized by the parser, only the...
  3. hcarreon

    HTML Data from webhook Messed up

    Hello so im currently using rocketscrape to bring some html data back to pabbly, but I am getting this information, the HTML is all messed up. So data becomes useless like this. Whats the solution? I obviously want to be edit the html to just text later. But working with this is impossible
  4. hcarreon

    Slack Notifications

    Great I think it works
  5. hcarreon


    Can we please make a way to be able to schedule time on our timezones? Its very confusing for us to count 7 hours after (because I am not on UTC) Im actually on mountain time or america/ojinaga and its very difficult to be able to just go in and setup stuff and having to go in and convert and...
  6. hcarreon

    Slack Notifications

    Hello. So when I get a notification on slack from Pabbly, I usually get this type of notification with "This content can't be displayed" and its annoying because with notifications I dont know what the message is, I just know which channel its going to, also happens on mobile, I have to open the...
  7. hcarreon

    Multiple Scheduled Times

    Great idea. I did something like this. Added schedule every hour, then added this filter, so it will continue at 9, 12 and 15 based on the current time. Thanks for the help @Fagun Shah
  8. hcarreon

    Multiple Scheduled Times

    Hello there. So I am trying to create a scheduled workflow, but havent been able to figure out what I should do to schedule it 3 times a day. I see the pabbly scheduler only give option for 1 schedule set time. What would be the workaround for this? Regular intervals wouldnt work because I need...
  9. hcarreon

    Merge Values

    Need some help with this issue. So how can I merge the 2 options. So they can be sent out as 1, meaning name and value? In this case I am getting the Field Name and the Value separate. I know about text formatter that can let you bring the 2 things together, but I want them to be like the...
  10. hcarreon

    Text Formatter missing Option

    Thanks! Great Idea. I actually had to create various to be able to format text the way I wanted. It looks closer now to what I needed. I actually added \n\n and replaced with \n for several empty lines, this way I converted to just 1 space.
  11. hcarreon

    Text Formatter missing Option

    I am using the text formatter and has been great so far, but there's a problem. There's no way for me to delete all those blank spaces, I attached a picture showing the output of the text with a lot of blank spaces. I'm sending the message to slack and the screenshot is how it appears inside...
  12. hcarreon

    Pabbly Connect Experts and Consultants

    Hector Carreon Carzuga.com (Mexico) [email protected] Digital Marketing