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Search results

  1. epinela

    OpenAI adding quotation marks at beginning of generated content

    It is tough, because it was working flawlessly in the now deprecated model. This is a big piece of what I am doing with auto-posting for myself and clients. It is really hurting right now.
  2. epinela

    OpenAI adding quotation marks at beginning of generated content

    Hi All - I cant get this to stop. What post processing would I use? I do not have any quotes in the prompts. This only began occuring when I was forced to change the OpenAI model because the old one deprecated. Never had this issue.
  3. epinela

    OpenAI adding quotation marks at beginning of generated content

    I have open ai generating social media posts automatically and posting. It pulls the prompt from a spreadsheet, sends to OpenAI using 3.5 turbo, then posts it automatically to social media. Recently, it has been adding quotation marks at the very beginning for no reason. Any thoughts on how to...
  4. epinela

    OpenAI Generate Content - Which model is gpt4?

    Hi, when I select "chatgpt" I see GPT-4 model available. When I click "Generate Content" the models are labeled different. How do I know which one is GPT-4? If none of them are, when will they be added? The current model is going to be deprecated in January. Note - ChatGPT option does not render...
  5. epinela

    twilio message id

    It appears to be returning the message contents of my outgoing automated twilio sms. I am trying to "scan for the customers reply" to an incoming message. Am I missing something?
  6. epinela

    twilio message id

    Hi, which line item would be the Message ID in twilio? I am attempting to scan for replies, but it is asking for the message ID.
  7. epinela

    FluentCRM Rest API

    Hi, it shows that it connected, but when I try to execute, it provides this error. Note - I do not see a field to populate any API key.
  8. epinela

    Bigin Create Contact Deal (BETA)

    Hi there, I first created a contact in the workflow and in the drop-down field, Contact ID appears to be missing.
  9. epinela

    Bigin Create Contact Deal (BETA)

    Hi team, I am following the instructions, but getting this error.
  10. epinela

    Google Search Console - Error 429 but not using it

    I have not submitted any links today or yesterday and it has been working fine. Today, it throws this error every time. I see it says "daily quota" but even so, if you look at my Pabbly history which is the only tasks I use to submit to search console, there is not any. Any thoughts?
  11. epinela

    Numbers formatted grab spreadsheet row not repeat

    Thank you. I would then ask when it reaches the last number, does it automatically start from the beginning again? So 2-34 but after 34, it resets?
  12. epinela

    Numbers formatted grab spreadsheet row not repeat

    It does not appear to be counting up. It posted "row 2" twice.
  13. epinela

    Numbers formatted grab spreadsheet row not repeat

    I think I set up counter to increment up by 1 but it shows same starting number? Is this correct?
  14. epinela

    Numbers formatted grab spreadsheet row not repeat

    I need it to select a random topic from the spreadsheet, but avoid selecting the same number in a row. This is for social media and it by small chance chose the same number twice in a row and posted the same blog link twice. I need to avoid the last chosen number.
  15. epinela

    Numbers formatted grab spreadsheet row not repeat

    Hi! I have number formatted choosing a random number then searching themsheet row. The challenge is, I am using this for social media automation and by chance it chose the same number twice, and the same article showed twice in a row. Is there a better workflow to achieve this or a way to have...
  16. epinela

    Twitter API Showing Success But Not Posting

    Hi, In the same workflow, I see the post displaying under another account so I followed the API instructions and have achieved success. Is there something I am doing or is twitter not posting for some reason on their end? The post appears on my feed on another profile in the same workflow, just...
  17. epinela

    Pabbly not executing workflow for GMB

    When setting this up and testing the workflow by clicking "save and send test request" it worked. Now that it is "On," I would expect it to execute automatically upon trigger. I have "New Review as trigger" and "Auto Reply to review" Customers are leaving me reviews, and for some reason it...
  18. epinela

    API POST Type Integration

  19. epinela

    API POST Type Integration

    Hi All - I am attempting to connect my first API with Pabbly, and am receiving a notification that "API Key" is required. Here is the documentation. What am I missing? I have tried several different ways. Any guidance will be appreciated. I am struggling with this as I am new to API's.