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    Error: API call to youtube.videos.insert failed with error: The <code>snippet.categoryId</code> property specifies an invalid category ID. When you see this error in "Upload Video (Beta)", it means the category ID you used isn't supported by YouTube's API. YouTube has many categories, but only...
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    generalExeption with Microsoft Excel

    Hey @niels.przybilla! We reviewed your workflow and identified that in the "Add Row To Worksheet" action step there are double quotes in the "Column G (Res3 Field Data)" value which is causing problems. To address this, we have implemented a workaround by adding the "Text Formatter by...
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    Bookeo connection with Active Campaign

    Hey @k9jeff! To achieve this, you need to create an additional route and include the opposite conditions (Does not contain) compared to the existing routes, as shown in the image below. This will allow you to send all other details that do not meet the conditions of the existing routes you...
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    WhatsApp Cloud API error (#100) Invalid parameter

    Hey @Gaurav! We have reviewed your workflow and its history, and identified that in the history, the "Mobile Number" field is appearing as empty. As a result of which, the mobile number is being passed as blank, giving an error in the WhatsApp Cloud API action step. Please ensure that the key...
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    HeartBeat Create Channel Action

    Hey @alexthearmo! We have gone through your action step "Create New Channel" and found that you haven't mapped the values correctly. The comma-separated values within double quotes should be enclosed in square brackets. We have corrected the "Invited Groups" field value and it's now working...
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    Infinite loading error when task duration exceeds about 30 seconds

    Hey @se yung! Some changes were implemented from our side. Therefore, you should no longer experience the issue. Please verify from your end and inform us of any further problems.
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    Webhook data >> TXT file in Dropbox folder

    Hey @MasterMagic! You need not have to pass the "token_access_type=offline" in the Parameter field instead of this kindly pass the query parameter in the Authorize URL field itself.
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    I went to Google Sheets and Clicked on the Extensions option and Pabbly connect Webhooks was not installed

    Hey @Sivananda reddy! Kindly try installing the "Pabbly Connect Webhook" extension in Incognito Browser and make sure you're logged in to a single Google account while doing the setup. Let me know if the issue still persists.
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    Custom fields in Sendy with Wordpress Elementor

    Hey @Lawyal! Only the Required labeled fields are mandatory. You do need to use "<iframe style="display: none;"></iframe>" in your action step. You can simply map the response coming from Elementor Form into the Sendy action step and leave the fields blank if you do not want to use the...
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    API POST Request Help Urgent

    Hey @ichilddev! We can't find the "API by Pabbly module" in your "Test Glide Pabbly Date" workflow. Further, we have also tried to run your Curl request on Postman and got a blank response and same as in Pabbly Connect. Due to the blank response, we are not able to identify whether the...
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    Without company in flowlu opportunity, and error in opportunity.

    Hey @Neo Wang! As per Flowlu API docs, the "Customer ID" field is for Company as well as for the contact, and the "Contact ID" field is for the contact. For more information kindly visit their official Docs below: https://www.flowlu.com/api/#tag/Opportunities/paths/~1crm~1lead~1create/post
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    Use pabble API & Twilio to send WhatsApp Template

    Hey @omp! Kindly share your registered Pabbly Connect Email Address and workflow name in which you are facing the issue.
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    Streak CRM Fails on Execute

    Hey @jamesrich! We have gone through your workflow and found that your workflow was working fine earlier. It seems that you have made some changes in your "Create New Box (with Custom Fields)" action and removed the custom field values. We would suggest you to use the "Create New Box" action...
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    Salesflare: Support for marking an Opportunity as Done missing

    Hey @apps! Recently its not possible to move the data from the deprecated action to a new action. You have to map the data again in the new action or you can continue using the deprecated action.
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    (Webhook <> New Notion DB Row) Notion error 400: No team support in API yet.

    Hey According to the error message, it seems that there is some kind of API restriction in your Notion Account. We will suggest you kindly contact their support team and share the error message with them. Let us know what they tell you on this so if anything is required at our end to change...
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    Woocommerce Trackship Webhook

    Hey @vmpetsmart! Kindly share the workflow name in which you are trying to set up the "API by Pabbly" module so that we can help you better.
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    Facebook lead form triggered failed and caused the workflow to pause

    Hey @juancolicchio! The maximum allowed timeout in Pabbly is 15 seconds. Right now the 15 seconds is the soft limit that we output in the message. We are currently giving everyone an additional cushion of 10 seconds on top of the 15 seconds soft limit for your APIs to respond. This gives a...
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    Salesflare new contact issue

    Hey @TDMx! Kindly share the concerned workflow name in which you are having an issue.
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    Data saved in Gsheet or MySQL included with field format

    Hey @abuhabib! Kindly follow the steps below in order to fix your concern: 1. Hard Refresh the workflow by pressing (Ctrl +F5). 2. Re-map the corrupted fields in the action steps. 3. Save the step and test your workflow Let me know if the issue persists.
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    Extract Month out of date Shopify

    Hey @Krusty25! You can use "Date/Time Formatter by Pabbly : Format Date Only" module to extract the month from the date Kindly refer the below screenshot: