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Search results

  1. shyamtiwari

    google sheet webhook

    Mera Question ye hain. @Pabbly mere pass data excel sheet main hain, jab bhi hum new row update kare to wo data as per map via web hook ke madhyam se hamare other software main jaye. example google sheet data + webhook catch data and send to other plateform
  2. shyamtiwari

    Wordpress suscription for Paid user.

    we are media company, and provide special content for paid user. and using indian Payment Gateway. like Rozarpay Paytm, i want give right to user (Paid User) based on Catargry and tag. Please advise flow.
  3. shyamtiwari

    Email>PDF, Word (Like Resume) >Collect Summery as per Prompt GPT>Result > google sheets

    We are HR Consultant Company. We have received Many Resume along with attachment in (PDF / Word), i want read all ready when received in Email and take action GPT as per prompt. and collect Result in Google sheets. Please advise flow. Email>PDF, Word (Like Resume) >Collect Summery as per...
  4. shyamtiwari

    want to update post category in WordPress.

    We are using website post via google sheet, and i want update project tag and catergry via google sheets. Presently we are update basic information via google sheet and update tag and catergry Manual. i want automate/ for the same. Thanks
  5. shyamtiwari

    Remove 0 (Zero) From mobile No

    Dear sir, I want remove 0 (Zero) from Mobile No Presently we have collect data from IVR with This pattern 08123123412 (Means) Include 0 (Zero) I want removed 0 from starting (First) and result required 8123123412 for Next step like send whats app via pickey asst. (and Pickey...
  6. shyamtiwari

    Google Drive To Face book Post Delay Function.

    हम एक साथ अपलोड करते हैं , ३० इमेज , और चाहते हैं की पहली इमेज एक घंटा मैं अपडेट फेसबुक पर हो. एंड फिर अगले 6 जानते के बाद , जब तक ३० इमेज ख़तम न हो जाये; मतलब हर ६ घंटे मैं अपडेट करना हैं.
  7. shyamtiwari

    Google Drive To Face book Post Delay Function.

    Yes, I will go,, 1st image with a one-hour delay and the remaining ones after 6 hours.
  8. shyamtiwari

    Google Drive To Face book Post Delay Function.

    Dear Sir, We are using Paid services, and try to create post via google drive to facebook Page Post. We are facing problem, We have create 30 Imege for FB Page Post, upload all imege in google drive. so we need given below action. ^ Post Post after 1 Hour (Delay Function working properly)...
  9. shyamtiwari

    How to Brack line

    Dear Sir, हम चाहते हैं जब हम किसी को whatsapp send करे तो नीचे दिए गए फॉर्मेट पर जाये Dear Sir, Name Email Id Your Query: XYX Successfully Noted. \n karke koi formula hota hain..but again bata deeye, please advise.
  10. shyamtiwari

    Error at the time of Google Sheet Connect

    Dear Sir, we have update Data ne Colloum D , as per your advise. But found Same error.
  11. shyamtiwari

    Error at the time of Google Sheet Connect

    We are trying to connect Google sheet with chat api. At the time of submit Webhook URL in Google sheets. We have found error. ""Exception: No item with the given ID could be found. Possibly because you have not edited this item or you do not have permission to access it."" Please resolve.