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    Is there anyway to send text in the Button Payload when working with WhatsApp API Template messages

    Hi, a button payload is basically, code or information, we are sending along with that button to the software. So suppose, I wish to tell the CRM software, that whenver this specific button is pressed "Delivered", we need to execute a certain workflow. In this case, the CRM software, will not...
  2. Z

    Update Inventory using Google Sheets

    thank you for your help
  3. Z

    Is there anyway to send text in the Button Payload when working with WhatsApp API Template messages

    The button will do its work (as a part of the original template) BUT We are not getting the option to send the Button payload in any of the WhatsApp API Templates How do we activate that text box?
  4. Z

    Update Inventory using Google Sheets

    So when GET ROWS is capturing data It will send All data one at a time right? so as soon as any criteria meets the filter... Suppose the 1st row itself meets the filter requirement will the automation stop right here Or will it also check the second matching filter and then the third matching...
  5. Z

    Update Inventory using Google Sheets

    IS there any video, wherein, multiple items go out of stock in one day, and we can take the workflow ahead from here Detecting one such item is easy, using GET ROWS but what about multiple items going out of stock on the same day How will it work?
  6. Z

    Request Specific Tutorial videos

    HI TEAM Any update on this
  7. Z

    Google Sheet Extension Error

    @ArshilAhmad Request Support
  8. Z

    Get Rows related

    thanks will try
  9. Z

    Google Sheet Extension Error

    This is not relevant to my question
  10. Z

    Google Sheet Extension Error

    Yea, I tried that It didn't work
  11. Z

    Get Rows related

    For Get Rows, Is it important for all the rows to contain data? What if I'm updating google sheet on a regular basis from a third party source It would be difficult to define the rows right.. in get row trigger? So i would ideally choose a bigger range like 100 rows to start with.,. but data...
  12. Z

    Google Sheet Extension Error

    "No item with the given ID could be found. Possibly because you have not edited this item or you do not have permission to access it." I took the webhook and connected it to a new google sheet account (Not the One I have logged in to the Pabbly Account but another one) This is the error I...
  13. Z

    Get Rows related

    What if I have to lookup more than 100 rows - in the spreadsheet lookup function Is there a way to do that? If I wanted to lookup 150 rows?
  14. Z

    Get Rows related

    Are we sure on this! vLookup has a limitation of 100 rows So I can get rows with 1000 rows of data? Coz some use cases, will have a lot of data to crawl to find value
  15. Z

    Get Rows related

    Is there a limit to how many rows can be fetched?
  16. Z

    Get Rows related

    If I do “Get Rows” in google sheets Do I define the range from Row2 And Is there a limit to how many rows can be fetched? My use case is: I wish to MATCH data received WITH data already present in google sheets If yes, the filter should move ahead for each of the values in the second...
  17. Z

    Google Sheets Trigger NOT Working!

    Hi Team, My Google Sheets Trigger has not stopped working now. Google Sheets Extension is not accepting data... it is giving me this error: Authorization is required to perform that action. Checked Video on Website. It is working now!
  18. Z

    Open AI Trigger after 3 Months - Stops Working - Request Steps on how to connect!

    Hi, The OpenAI Trigger stops working after 3 months. The API works on the free account only till then. ChatGPT 4 ($20/month) purchase, does not solve this problem What do we buy to make this trigger start working again? Any video on the same?
  19. Z

    Wix Form: Multiple Option Select Capture

    When selecting multiple options in a WIX CheckBox Form. Suppose the Form has captured English, Hindi Now, How do I separate the Two I need to Route Separately for English & Separately for Hindi
  20. Z

    Google Sheet Related: Absolute Reference to one cell

    When Tagging Google sheet fields, using Google sheets trigger. Can we Use one Field as Permanent... To take from the sheet always.. instead of Manually Writing the Name in the sheet? Google sheet we use: $A$2 to make cell permanent. How do I do that in pabbly?