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    Kommo Connection Error

    Hi @Supreme , Sure. I have recorded the following video: https://www.loom.com/share/64570f8c56a84805bf2fd5ec1682a99e?sid=b0fc4f42-9892-4f2f-a17d-f98045b64921 Also, if needed, the workflow ID is IjU3NjUwNTZiMDYzMjA0MzE1MjY4NTUzZDUxMzYi_pc And here is the error it appears: {"title":"Not...
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    Kommo Connection Error

    Hi! I am having the same issue as a few people getting error when trying to create a connection with Kommo. After I click the blue button "Connect With Kommo", I use the subdomain of my Kommo account (infoferozcomco.kommo.com). However, I get the following error: Any advice? Thanks a lot.
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    Field Missing Even When I See it In History Log

    Hi, Thanks. I have recaptured the webhook and made the adjustments. Let's wait for the next webhook execution to see if everything is working 🤞 Thanks.
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    Field Missing Even When I See it In History Log

    Hi @Supreme , I recaptured the webhook but now the "Replace text" module seems to have a bug. There is no text box to choose the "Text": Can you please check? Thanks.
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    Field Missing Even When I See it In History Log

    Hi! I'm testing the "Replace text" function of the Text Formatter module. The text is obtained from a webhook. When setting up and testing the workflow it works perfect. However, when executing real processes, the workflow fails with error "Required field Text missing". However, I'm able to...
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    Workflow not saved?

    Hi @Arshita , Thanks for the help. I thought the history shows all the steps of the workflow and the current step of each process, but I get what you say. Thanks again. Pablo
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    Workflow not saved?

    Hi, We have the workflow with ID IjU3NmMwNTY5MDYzMzA0MzA1MjY4NTUzNiI_3D_pc This workflow contains 4 steps but only the first 2 are being executed. There are no errors. It just seems Pabbly is executing an old workflow even if we have extended the amount of steps. You can see the amount of...