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Search results

  1. tommykhs

    If else condition

    Sorry I don't get where can I set forumla in pabbly like spreadsheet? Do you get my question? I just want to know if there's no such if else feature, I won't waste time to study how to achieve that.
  2. tommykhs

    If else condition

    I guess you have not read into detail my question. the video just simply illustrates if but not if, else. Let me simplify again my question. What I set in router now is: If A, then action 1 If B, then action 2 If C, then action 3 If D, then action 4 If Not A & B & C & D, then action 5 It...
  3. tommykhs

    If else condition

    I refer to this workflow step 5 router of this workflow https://connect.pabbly.com/workflow/mapping/IjU3NjUwNTY5MDYzNDA0MzA1MjZjNTUzMzUxM2Ei_pc I wonder whether router can implement if else condition. Let me simplify the login as below. Currently, my router logic is If Region=Taiwan Then...
  4. tommykhs

    Data out lost in step

    I refer to this this task record In step 4 HubSpot CRM : Search a Contact, it get the country region value "Taiwan" data out properly Results 0 Properties Country Region Taiwan But in step 5 router, the country region become "Not Set". At this moment, I only met this problem in this...
  5. tommykhs

    Extremely slow and not enough RAM lowing workflow editing with hubspot

    Any update? I have tried hundreds time to edit the filter condition of "Hong Kong" branch in my workflow, but still loading until error.
  6. tommykhs

    Extremely slow and not enough RAM lowing workflow editing with hubspot

    The loading time of workflow editing is extremely slow for trigger with hubspot form submission. It's better when I change to a computer with 32Gb Ram. But it still need to load a long time everytime I edit the following step in Google Chat customized message. And some step even dead loading...
  7. tommykhs

    Time Zone Setting in history

    I have set my timezone in account +8 but all the task log in history are still +0 (after I changed the time zone setting) https://connect.pabbly.com/task/history?filter_status=applied&filter_by_workflow_id=IjU3NjUwNTY5MDYzNDA0MzA1MjZjNTUzMzUxM2Ei_pc
  8. tommykhs

    Time Zone Setting in history

    I have set my own time zone in setting, but time zone in task history still not followed my setting.