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Search results

  1. avielchik

    Uploading Only Phone Numbers to Google Ads Customer List

    Do we have any news? Been a few months now.
  2. avielchik

    Concatenating Dynamically Named "Line Item #" Fields in Pabbly Connect

    Hi guys! I'm looking for a way to concatenate values of fields from a response: 'Line Items 0 Title', 'Line Items 1 Title', etc., into one string separated by commas in Pabbly Connect. Issue is i never know how many of those fields i will receive. How can i do that dynamically?
  3. avielchik

    Uploading Only Phone Numbers to Google Ads Customer List

    It would be even easier to add another option "Add a Contact to Customer List With Phone", similar to with Email.
  4. avielchik

    Uploading Only Phone Numbers to Google Ads Customer List

    Of course! To facilitate user-friendly customer list uploads to Google Ads, I propose implementing a selection field. Here's a breakdown of how it would work, along with the required data structure for each option: Selection Field Options: Email Match Required Field: "Email" Phone Number...
  5. avielchik

    Uploading Only Phone Numbers to Google Ads Customer List

    Hey, I'm trying to streamline my customer list uploads to Google Ads, and I'm running into an obstacle with Pabbly. My goal is to upload lists containing only phone numbers to the customer list i have. However, it seems Pabbly requires additional fields like first name, last name, and email...
  6. avielchik

    Brevo app misses transactional SMS

    Hey! You missed transactional SMS messages in the Brevo app as an option.
  7. avielchik

    [BUG] Adding row to a table with a hidden column pastes it on top

    Hey guys. I found a bug while working on a customers sheet. When sending a new row into a sheet with a hidden column and frozen header (maybe without also didn't check) - Instead of adding the new row at the end, it adds it on top of the first row - which is in this case the head. So when there...
  8. avielchik

    Avoid multiple workflows with same data

    Yes, the webhook URL is being triggered multiple times by the CRM because they save and edit it a few times... WorkFlow: https://connect.pabbly.com/workflow/mapping/IjU3NmMwNTY5MDYzNDA0MzA1MjZmNTUzNSI_3D_pc History task IDs duplicates example: 1...
  9. avielchik

    Avoid multiple workflows with same data

    Hey! I have a crm working through webhook to send me the data, that data is then sent to google ads as a conversion. How do i avoid receiving duplicates? Sometimes it send the same exact data and the workflow run for 3-4 times, too many tasks are being spent! Help?
  10. avielchik

    Add a watch to the time zone settings

    We should know if the timezone we chose is relevant and right, add a clock under the setting so we know if the timezone we set is the right one.
  11. avielchik

    Send Offline Conversion with GCLID partial failure

    All data is sent properly, yet somehow i have this: PartialFailure true And the conversions aren't reported apparently... I miss lots of conversions because of this issue, which by the way are now very hard to recover. What do i do now ?!
  12. avielchik

    What happens with tasks in middle of execution that have a delay, when workflow actions are changed?

    I have a workflow that i have updated while it was executing many times for incoming webhooks, the issue is they are stuck at a delay after i've updated the workflow and changed the actions. What to do with it? 1. Can i re-execute them with the updated workflow? 2. How can i re-execute them to...
  13. avielchik

    Hi, I just want to know what pabbly does if there is failed task?

    Is there anything new on this topic? I also need it badly
  14. avielchik

    Google Ads offline conversion - click_not_found

    WorkFLow name - Monday Conversion -> Ads Task ID - IjU3NjcwNTZiMDYzMjA0MzA1MjY5NTUzMDUxM2E1MTYwNTQzNSI_3D_pc
  15. avielchik

    Google Ads offline conversion - click_not_found

    I am trying to send phone number conversion, yet i receive an error:
  16. avielchik

    Map values to different ones dynamically

    I have these values incoming from webhook: CANCEL ANSWER NOANSWER Depending on the circumstance, the value is 1 of the 3. My CRM needs the exact readable value, thats why i need it mapped. Depending on the value, i want it to map like so: CANCEL -> Call was cancelled ANSWER -> Call was...