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  1. ssm

    No email address inn WHMCS?

    Here is the response from WHMCS: Whilst WHMCS does not have an official integration to support a direct connection to Pabbly, it does appear that Pabbly is creating their own API queries to your WHMCS installation to retrieve this data. To resolve this error, the integration developer (Pabbly)...
  2. ssm

    No email address inn WHMCS?

    My info is from the "Response Received" when I initiated a WHMCS trigger for a new order. I assume that is from the webhook, but there is no separate option to get a webhook from WHMCS, from what I could see.
  3. ssm

    No email address inn WHMCS?

    What I see in the "Response Received" is the correct Userid, correct client Name, and Contactid is 0. There is no field for email.
  4. ssm

    No email address inn WHMCS?

    I am trying to create a trigger from a new order in WHMCS. I see numerous bits of data, but not the email address associated with the new order. How do I get that data?
  5. ssm

    TidyCal to ActiveCampaign with a note or tag in ActiveCampaign

    (1) TidyCal collects "name", not first and last name - my TidyCal trigger can create/update a contact in ActiveCampaign and just put the full name in AC's "first name" field, but is there a way to split these up in the process? (2) Once that process runs to create/update a contact in...
  6. ssm

    Teamwork Desk

    Any plans to integrate "Teamwork Desk"? (Different than teamwork.com, but by the same company, at teamwork.com/desk)
  7. ssm

    Please add Content Snare

    I elaborated in https://pabbly.hellonext.co/b/Integration-Request/p/content-snare -- Yes, Content Snare will send a webhook that Pabbly Connect will accept as a trigger, but Pabbly Connect does not show Content Snare as an Action option, so we cannot create a customer or publish a request as a...
  8. ssm

    Please add Content Snare

    This would be a great addition!
  9. ssm

    Please add ShortySMS

    Works with that "Z" service, please add! Thanks
  10. ssm

    Catalog of Apps

  11. ssm

    Catalog of Apps

    Is there a page that lists all of the currently available apps and their triggers and actions? That would help greatly when we are exploring opportunities for automation for ourselves and our clients. If not, can this be added to the roadmap?