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    Error adding card (Your card does not support this type of purchase)

    Suddenly my client cannot add his card, the error message is: "Your card does not support this type of purchase". But we have recently been using the exact same card in Chargebee and Stripe, so there shouldn't be any issue with the card. I have triple checked the card details, name, country and...
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    Share update card details link is not under my domain

    👏👏👏 Thanks for fixing this so quickly! I just tried it and it worked exactly like I would expect it to!
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    Change invoice details

    I set up a client manually and collected payment. now my client wants me to change the paid invoice details to another company. I am trying to change it in retrospect, but it seems impossible. Is there any way to do so? Thanks
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    Share update card details link is not under my domain

    When i share the link manually for clients to update their CC details, the url is always under the pabbly domain. Why is it not under my custom domain? I would like this to be automatic when clicking on the ADD CARD button Or am i missing something like some setting somewhere?
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    Accidentally added a one-time add-on for my clients subscription, i need to change it to recurring

    My client has a recurring subscription, with a web hosting plan, and 2 add-ons. Both are supposed to be recurring. But one of them accidentally got used as a one-time instead of recurring. I don't even have that add-on as recurring, so i actually don't know how that happened. Either way, i need...
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    Phone number field not working correctly

    it is working now! thanks for the fix!
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    Phone number field not working correctly

    When adding clients manually in the customers section
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    Phone number field not working correctly

    I can't add clients' phone numbers using basic country codes. A phone number formatted like this: +44123456789 doesn't work. Is that a bug or is it designed this way? Seems like a pretty big oversight
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    Sending product names to Stripe and Putler

    I would like more accurate data in my stripe account. 1. How can i change the name of the purchase being sent to Stripe? 2. Is it possible to link it to existing stripe products? 3. Is there a way to let stripe know that a purchase is in fact a subscription (although the subscription is in...
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    Integrate with Chartmogul and Putler

    Both Chartmogul and Putler are awesome visual dashboards, please integrate natively with both of these so the entered data shows nicely!
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    Graphical dashboard (kind of like chartmogul or stripe or chargebee)

    I would love to log in and watch the graphs on the dashboard of how much money i made in 7d, 30d, 3m, 6m, 1y, month-to-date, Q-to-date, etc etc And to be able to compare those with previous period as well. It's very inspiring to make more money when it's visualized like that ;)
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    Credit card details page contains video on how to share the link with my customers.

    I am trying to send a link for my client to add their details. To make it branded, i had to cut and paste the very long link onto my portal page, there is no simple "share this link with your client" button, which would be very helpful #featurerequest ;) But more important, when i copy this new...
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    Payment page with pre-filled plan and add-ons

    Thank you! This works quite well. Although it is very time consuming to copy and paste all sorts of id long numbers. It would be very beneficial if i could create a pre-filled page in the dashboard and then send a link with all those details already filled in. Please consider this for some...
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    spam invoices

    Yes, but the answer was very underwhelming. How can this be prevented? If no money is being transacted, whyis pabbly still creating the records? I don't want my stripe account full of spam
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    spam invoices

    I have received 14000 spam invoices the last few days. Spammers have entered the checkout and used fake cards. no payment has been made. Is there a way to prevent invoices from being generated when no money has been paid?
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    Affiliate ONLY for the plan, not the add-ons

    I can exclude the setup fee from the affiliates, but I want to also exclude the add-ons as well. How can I do this?
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    Payment page with pre-filled plan and add-ons

    So that i can simply send clients to a specific link with everything predetermined and ready to pay
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    Request payment method link

    One-click request payment method (like you can do in chargebee) Would be life changing for me when adding customers.
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    Responsive image on client portal

    The image is currently cropping from right. It looks incredibly unprofessional. A choice of cover/contain/position could be quite nice here
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    Changing stripe account

    Understood. In that case I will hold off with onboarding new clients until the new account is set up Thanks for clarifying