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    Populating and using a linking table?

    I have set out the very simple and clear process for this in a flow chart. You can see it here: https://pxl.to/w2r2f I am struggling to work out why such an obvious and needed process is not already included by default? I can see you have helped with a similar query for Nifty PM so I am...
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    Populating and using a linking table?

    Hey Supreme. This is not a complex task and we are more than capable of doing it ourselves we just need the automation software to have the capabiltiy to do it. I am confused why this is not something you have come across before? Surely when you have two different products creating elements...
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    Populating and using a linking table?

    Hey @Supreme. Any update on this please? Thanks
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    Populating and using a linking table?

    Hey Supreme, Thanks for your message. I have watched the video on lookup tables but still struggling with how to get this to work. Not sure I get the point you make about routers. So the workflow I would like to achieve is listed below. Let's assume there are two projects in webvizio...
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    Populating and using a linking table?

    Hey there, We have a use case where we are linking two project management systems. We have Webvizio and Flowlu. We would like to use the two together. So far we have set it up so that a task created on webvizio will create a task on flowlu. What we would like to do is have a lookup table...
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    Connect Livewebinar and WP Amelia

    Hi there, I would like to connect the WP Amelia wordpress plugin with the Livewebinar product. I can see you have the two on pabbly but I do not appear to be able to perform the action I would like. There are a few use cases here: 1) When an event is created on Amelia, a LiveWebinar event is...
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    How do I get Livewebinar working with Office 365 please?

    That is fantastic. Thank you very much :-)
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    How do I get Livewebinar working with Office 365 please?

    Thanks for this. I did what it is doing in the video. It seems a bit hit and miss with the capture as I tried it again and it worked. Do you know how you change the date provided by livewebinar which is a long number into an actual date? Is there a way of doing this? It appears that all...
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    How do I get Livewebinar working with Office 365 please?

    Hey there, I have tried connecting livewebinar to pabbly and then sending an email from office 365 but I am stuck on waiting for a webhook response. I have added a registrant but this just keeps going around and is waiting for a response. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks