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    Error executing step with 360dialog

    In my workflow 'sheets to calendar' in steps number 14 and 17 I am getting an error with 360dialog that the whatsapp number provided is wrong. These steps were working fine with the same but somehow even with correct numbers its not executing
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    Working with blank fields

    In my workflow 'Ecwid to Sheets', I keep getting an error while trying to save an action step where blank fields are being submitted. Pls refer to the action step no. 7 for creating a google calendar detailed event. In the Description field, the values for shippingPerson street and...
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    Workflow not executing

    Hi my workflow 'Ecwid to sheets' is not running. It is supposed to run every 10 mins but it has stopped
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    Logical operation in pabbly

    Hi, Is it possible to have introduce a logical operation in pabbly where depending on the condition satisfied a different action is performed. Pls refer to the attached illustration
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    How stop a delayed task from executing

    Example, I would like to stop the delayed task in task id IjE5OTg2MTA4MiI_3D
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    [FRD Response ID] DO NOT REMOVE

    Hello, I could trace how this column got created. Can anyone pls suggest how to identify this?
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    How stop a delayed task from executing

    Hello, In my workflow 'sheets to calendar' I have added a delayed task. Is it possible to stop that task from executing for certain workflow ids?
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    [FRD Response ID] DO NOT REMOVE

    Pls refer to the attached screenshot, the column highlighted in blue is what I'm referring to. I have no idea how this column got created. The data under this column is being used for creating comments for the corresponding first cell of the same rowExample: the data in cell S5 is used as...
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    [FRD Response ID] DO NOT REMOVE

    Hi, I'm using google forms to capture information into google sheets and use it in my workflow 'sheets to calendar' I've noticed that a column is created towards the end of the linked worksheet with the heading '[FRD Response ID] DO NOT REMOVE'. This contains some data that is used as a comment...
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    Unexplained workflow executions

    On 2nd July there have been more than 300 executions of the workflow 'sheets to calendar' from 7:00:07PM to 7:01:32PM I had copied some rows into the linked google sheet workbook, but the entries were made into a sheet that is not connected to the workflow. Any reason why the workflow was...
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    Hyperlink in Google docs/pdf

    Hi, thanks for the video. The linkn opens in the desktop PDF viewer, but in the mobile PDF viewer the link doesn't open on clicking. Have tried with 3-4 PDF viewers, it's the same thing
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    Hyperlink in Google docs/pdf

    Hello, I referred to the tutorial on creating an invoice using Google docs with Pabbly. I managed to create the invoice template and also added a payment link to the same, but when I view the doc as a pdf file, the link appears as a line of text only and one does not get the option of opening...
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    Cannot view actions in dropdown

    I didn't click on "Save and Send Test Request ", thought pressing only "Save" is good enough Thank you, its working fine now!
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    Cannot view actions in dropdown

    No, it doesn't work. i even tried logging out and logging in
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    Cannot view actions in dropdown

    I am unable to view action nos 5 and 7 in my workflow titled 'sheets to calendar' Pls see the screenshot attached, the action steps 5 and 7 are missing
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    Task execution time

    Hello, I have 2 workflows currently running with Pabbly: Ecwid to Sheets Ecwid Sheets to Calendar I wanted to know what are the timelines for executing both these workflows
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    Configuring Textguru

    Hello, I recently configured textguru for sending SMS in my workflow (name of workflow: sheets to calendar) I did not get any error but no SMS has been delivered to the test number In the result I'm getting the following message: alert_78153588 Trackid=31747368MsgID:TG77903300,MobileCount:1
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    App to send SMS

    Thanks any recommendation in terms of best value for money app
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    App to send SMS

    Hi, I'm looking for an app that is available for integration on pabbly, using which I can send an SMS to a phone number sharing the link the to download an invoice. The phone number will be provided from a google form entry and the invoice will be created using google docs. Which apps are...
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    App for sending an Invoice

    I am currently entering orders via google forms. I need a connection to send invoices to customers based on the data entered in google forms. What apps are available for sending the invoice and whats the best of those?