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    Upload dall-e image to wordpress

    How can I upload generated dall-e images (external links) to wordpress while integrating an article? I do not want the images to be reached through external links but though internal in the media.
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    Fill out contact forms automatically

    Basis is a gmail sheet with urls and message and when I browse URLs, I see this where I want to post the message: So, the question is if there is a tool through api connection that posts messages in forms and clicks buttons?
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    Fill out contact forms automatically

    Hi, I have scraped data of URLs that all have the same form, consisting of only of Name and message. I want an api connection to a tool that fills out the form of each url and sends a standardized message. I researched but I have not seen an API partner that fills out forms? What would you...
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    How to generate different texts through chatgpt and combine them

    I guess this will apply for many use cases. Hope you can have a solution for this in the near future; even with a workaround
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    How to generate different texts through chatgpt and combine them

    Maybe this is sth that needs more explanation. I am generating one jason file with all data. When I split this data, I get them in x separate fields. How can I then loop through these x textx and do sth with it, e.g. generate a text through chatgpt for each one of them? And again, after that...
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    How to generate different texts through chatgpt and combine them

    This is probably one of the weekest points in pabbly then, compared to zapier. Zapier has these wonderful functions to better then handle json results or results through line itemizer. Would be great if you could consider that!
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    How to generate different texts through chatgpt and combine them

    No, this is not solving the problem. The outline generated consists of 2-15 maybe more sentences, so I cannot map the different elements of an outline. I therefore need to split this outline into the different elements and for each element I need to generate the text. But I do not know how much...
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    How to use search replace with placeholders / conditions

    I am looking for a way to replace in several texts items such as [amazon item="individual number"] where individual number is unique. I want to delete these lines completely, when the lines begin with [amazon item... Also, are there conditions too when replacing? Such as ... if there is an <h2>...
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    How to generate different texts through chatgpt and combine them

    I wonder what the best way is to generate an outline of an article title through chatgpt and then generate paragraphs for each outline element and finally connect them together. I just need tips to how to loop the outline results?! Really appreciate any help