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    Wordpress to LinkedIn Problems

    sure thing, may thanks :)
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    Wordpress to LinkedIn Problems

    So I want Pabbly to post from my wordpress Blog to my LinkedIn Profile page. 2 things I am running into. I set up the webhook in wp, works. Connected to my Linkedin Profile, works. But in Pabbly I oddly can only choose my "Company" as author and not myself! Second thing when trying to test run...
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    RSS to Wordpress tiny problem

    So I have a setup where I put in a certain tag into my podcast episode description when I post a new episode. An automation then posts a blog post + embedded audio player to my website, the tag gets applied there and a plugin sorts all my podcast episodes on my webpage in different topics via...
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    LinkedIn token revoked

    90 days! OH MY! And there's no way in hell one can raise that to more days? 90 days, that's a joke! What are you doing LinkedIn?!
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    LinkedIn token revoked

    I can most defenitely confirm that I have NOT connected my LinkedIn account to anything remotely Pabbly connect related. Only one integration. I had a clone of the same rule that, but that one was set to offline and I just deleted it now. And I only had this clone due to the bug in the first...
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    LinkedIn token revoked

    Thank you for your fast reply. But the weird thing is that I only use ONE connection to Linkedin via Pabbly. The reset comes after a while for now apparent reason. And I can't think of any other api connection to Linkedin. Any clue what still could cause the issue?
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    LinkedIn token revoked

    I have a simple automation that takes a wordpress post and posts it to my facebook page, my linkedin account and my twitter account. Test runs work flawlessly, formatting and everything just works fine. But after a while my tokens get revoked with the linkedin integration resulting in an...
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    Teachable -> Converkit tag not found

    HA! hahaha it works! you are awesome! ;) thanks man!
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    Teachable -> Converkit tag not found

    This is what is displayed when I turn off "map" value, everything seems to be alright, even copy pasted the tag name and searched for it in convertkit with ctrl + f, to see if there's a typo. there isn't! Everything should work! What am I missing?
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    Teachable -> Converkit tag not found

    Hi community. I have an email course that goes alongside a video course. Every time they complete a lesson they should get a new email. So if lesson 1 is completed in teachable pabbly should trigger a convertkit Tag which then sends an e-mail internally via convertkit. So far so good all is set...