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Search results

  1. mikec29526

    Support for simplebase.co

    Is it possible to get integration with simplebase.co? They will get large fast
  2. mikec29526

    Extra Formatting before my number in Google sheet

    It still did that despite have the entire column in plain text mode on Google sheets. Any other suggestion?
  3. mikec29526

    Extra Formatting before my number in Google sheet

    I have a workflow ID IjU3NjMwNTY4MDYzMDA0Mzc1MjZiNTUzNzUxMzI1MTY0NTQzMiI_3D_pc Whenever it posts to Google sheets, in the column B, it puts $ before the number. So if it is $40.00, it puts $40.00 Is there a way to fix that?
  4. mikec29526

    Can't figure out proper text formatting on a workflow

    Task history ID = IjU3NjIwNTZhMDYzMjA0MzE1MjY1NTUzNjUxMzU1MTYwNTQzMCI_3D_pc In this workflow you will see $10.67 came in via webhook but it uploaded some weird text before the $10.67 in Google sheet row. Any suggestions on this?
  5. mikec29526

    Dropbox New File Trigger Question

    Workflow name is Email to Dropbox to Google Drive - but it isn't showing any workflow history so I can't give that info. I had uploaded 3 files into the Dropbox Folder that is set for the trigger. Pabbly Connect is only reporting one file. Does it have the ability to track more than 1 new...
  6. mikec29526

    Text Formatting Issue

    Hi, I am wanting Pabbly to update a spreadsheet row with an amount, that should be 10.30 As you can see in workflow history ID IjU3NjIwNTY4MDYzNTA0MzU1MjZkNTUzMDUxMzQ1MTZiNTQzMiI_3D_pc It is updating my google sheet with $10.30 I even did a text formatter to only use the part after &#36...
  7. mikec29526

    Post to Linked In

    I got an HTTP status code 201, message The application processed the request but returned a blank response. Refer to the HTTP status code above for details. It didn't post to Linked In. Can you look at task history ID IjU3NjIwNTY5MDYzZTA0MzI1MjZlNTUzNzUxM2I1MTYyNTQzMSI_3D_pc and tell me what...
  8. mikec29526

    Google Drive New File Added Question

    The Pabbly workflow is working perfectly - When a new file is added, it sends an email with the filename and link to the file. Question: Sometimes we are uploading multiple documents (as many as 100) at one time - so it triggers 100 emails. This is correct by Pabbly. We are wondering, is it...
  9. mikec29526

    Gmail Sending 100 Emails instead of 1

    I have a workflow called File Added to Global Epoxy Plus - Client - Shared Drive - Emails Workflow ID IjU3NjUwNTZlMDYzNTA0M2Q1MjY1NTUzMDUxMzci_pc Here is a workflow history: IjU3NjIwNTZkMDYzNTA0MzE1MjZhNTUzMjUxMzY1MTY2NTQzOCI_3D_pc If you look at this workflow, Nov 2, 15:44 - this is just an...
  10. mikec29526

    Stripe Send Invoice

    I am doing a workflow "Create an invoice" with Stripe. Everything is working but I don;t see where to put the amount for the invoice. That is probably why I see a "nothing to invoice for customer" error message. Where do I put in the amount to invoice? The amount would be $100.00 My task...
  11. mikec29526

    Google Drive List Folder Content Problem

    I have a workflow that lists folder contents of a google drive. I got the 404 Error code file not found, meaning it didn't find files in the folder. There is a file in the folder, and there was when the cron ran. Is there any way to get this feature working?
  12. mikec29526

    Continue a Workflow past a failed task

    Oh I just saw that feature to ignore error, and I put it on that step. That is awesome!
  13. mikec29526

    Continue a Workflow past a failed task

    Is there a way to have a workflow continue even if a task fails? I am checking doing "List folder content of new Google drive folder in a shared Drive" If there are no files, it gives error 404. This is what I am wanting - to find out if a folder is empty as I want to trigger off that. Is...
  14. mikec29526

    Google drive new file trigger

    Can you tell me how to do this with a Google Shared Drive - how to make the whole share publicly accessible enough for Pabbly to read it?
  15. mikec29526

    Google drive new file trigger

    For this New File in Google Drive to work - do we need to set the permission on a folder in Drive to anyone with the link (viewer permission)?
  16. mikec29526

    Pabbly Filter only continue iof phone# Greater than

    I have a step that filters if the phone number is greater than 1111111111 (so if they put a valid 10 digit phone number in, it will continue - otherwise, no need to proceed to send an appointment reminder. Well, it errored out later in the workflow, unable to send a text, because it continued...
  17. mikec29526

    Have my client connect their Google Drive

    How do you have a client create their Drive connection here in Pabbly? Do you share the workflow to them, and then walk them through it?
  18. mikec29526

    Tallying the number of times a workflow executes in a 5 minute period

    I have a web form where people will be voting, selecting 1,2,3,4 or 5 as their favorite artist. The voting will take place in a 5 minute window. They will be submitted their vote on a highlevel form, which will webhook into Pabbly. I don't really want to add the results to Google sheets as it...
  19. mikec29526

    Generate a Random Number

    Hi, Is there a way to generate a random number between 1 and 10, so I could delay sending a text for X minutes (between 1 and 10 minutes) so it throttles when sending 10 messages.
  20. mikec29526

    Counting number of incoming webhooks for a workflow in automated fashion for a text to vote

    We are having a contest where people will text to vote for their favorite musician at a festival. They will send a text with the number of their favorite (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 or 10) As they send the text, a gohighlevel workflow will be sending the webhook into Pabbly. I have the first workflow...