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    wordpress connection error

    hey so i can login into the wordpress with the user name and password and the url. but when i try to connect it in pabbly it is showing me this error message. i have given the extact url user name and password but still it is showing me that. i have installed the wordpress rest api
  2. group

    pdf data extraction

    do you have any better idea. in my email i will receive the invoice. it is different most of the time. so how can i get the name and address from the pdf. in the google cloud vision the data is very large . i could not work with it. is there any way from pdf i get what the customer buyed and...
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    pdf data extraction

    hi i need help in something by using email parser i get the invoice pdf but i want to extract the data from that pdf. here is the image of pdf link. i get this link. i have tried pdf.co but they also give me a link to see the data. but i want my data to be present in the pabbly response. i want...
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    kajabi new purchase trigger is not working

    hey i have created the mention workflow. when some one buy something from kajabi a print job will be created in the lulu. after that on some one buy a offer from kajabi. but the new purchase trigger didnt work. here is the photo of someone purchasing the offer i have used for the purchase trigger.
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    google calender new event and update event

    i will share the data later
  6. group

    about phone number with the country code

    hey i want help about the phone number. so i will give the country code like US,AZ some thing like that and a number also. i need this for twillo. so i will give the number and country code and in the result i want the whole number with country for example phone number : (989) 553-4300 country...
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    Calendar event time issue

    So, what you think about now? I have set the timezone to Berlin and I do not put +0100. Would that be also a solution? By the way, in which workflow did you make changes in?
  8. group

    Calendar event time issue

    I have connected hubspot with google calendar. When a deal is updated in hubspot, event is updated. When the event is updated, I see that time does not match although I put right data. (see history and image) My assumption is I am not putting the right data when updating the event. Task...
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    jotform file upload to google drive

    i am getting error while uploading a file to google. how to solve this
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    GCalendar timezone issue.

    My problem is different. I have elaborately described everything here: https://komododecks.com/recordings/qVYS9DxwPhaDQJccOpvC
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    GCalendar timezone issue.

    Hi, no matter what timezone I put, the timezone is always +02:00 The settings on calendar is +01:00, however. See the images. See this last 3 history: Workflow: https://connect.pabbly.com/workflow/mapping/IjU3NjUwNTY4MDYzMzA0M2M1MjZjNTUzNzUxMzAi_pc Task History ID -...
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    How to get trigger when contract is created or updated in salesforce

    Actually i want a trigger when there is a new 'line' in the 'payment schedule' in the contract. please see the image.
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    hubspot webhook trigger setup

    Hi, I have been trying to setup webhook and get my pabbly workflow triggered by the webhook i set up here. See this doc: https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/api/webhooks I have setup app, and followed the guide but could not get my workflow triggered by the webhook. Can you please let me know...
  14. group

    How to get trigger when contract is created or updated in salesforce

    Hi, I want pabbly to be triggered when there is a new contract is added or new field is updated in an existing contract. But, in pabbly, I do not see the trigger opiton for that things i want. Can you please assist me? thanks.
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    The wait time is very long for us.

    Hi, The trigger wait time for the two workflow is very long for our business. it will not be beneficial if the wait time is that long. it will be unuseful for us to purchase a lifetime if the workflow takes this much time to trigger. can you make the trigger time to 1 min just like MakeDotCom...
  16. group

    Hubspot trigger: get associated company id of a deal

    Hi, I found the solution. I used 'custom api request' on HubSpot action. See the images. I followed this guide: https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/api/crm/associations And this endpoint:
  17. group

    Google calendar color id error.

    It did not help. But, I solved the problem by choosing other action 'create event' instead of 'created detailed event'.
  18. group

    Google calendar color id error.

    Hi, kindly see the video I recorded. It does not make any sense that although my calendar exists in Google Calendar, I cannot choose a color code from the list when creating an event. Here is the video: https://komododecks.com/recordings/B0zBrQg0jG8GhIqMsqW8
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    Google Business Profile

    Thank you for the quick response.
  20. group

    Google Business Profile

    Here is the workflow url https://connect.pabbly.com/workflow/share/AUlYalMEAmEHTQVvAFMEIwAUUFQHXQA9Bh9RQ1JdBX1THlIpAEELYQ1BAmhWBQRlBE0JY1UJVG9YTAYCUwUJel1HCBpQUwV_AUwJcgJHATIBX1hwUzI#