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Search results

  1. EugenWLF

    Check for Notion Checkbox

    Now it works...Thank you! But it send the message 2-3 times. So I added another condition intro the filter...after sending the message to add a tag to the Page....and to check if that tag is set before sending messages...to protect from double texting the same person when another update has...
  2. EugenWLF

    Check for Notion Checkbox

    https://connect.pabbly.com/workflow/share/DERVZ1UCAmFeFAVvUgEGIV1JVlIEXgQ5VE0GFAAPXCRaAAJpDUwOZAFNUHJRCgNiVh9UPgBcDDQBFQIGAFYCcV1EU38BAlctAUxVLgdeADMMUlV9VTQ# So here ..my thought was if the Checkbox is checked....send the messages...but now I realise it might not be ok. So what I really need...
  3. EugenWLF

    Check for Notion Checkbox

    hey guys...so i want to trigger a whattsapp message whenever a notion box is checked . I did the message part..and created the filter...but I donno exactly how to filter to send only if a certain box is checked...could you please help??
  4. EugenWLF

    Check Notion Database for Duplicates

    it does not show the same...i tried looking at 3..after i delete that filter
  5. EugenWLF

    Check Notion Database for Duplicates

    ok...but how do i search a database by their email address...when the email address is just a propriety? Thank you very much btw
  6. EugenWLF

    Check Notion Database for Duplicates

    One is to search if there is an existing item with the same address ....and one was for searching the corespondent Sales Agent for that person...but indeed in the end I need the following sequence - to query a Database Item and access it s proprieties if it exists to send them to the discord group
  7. EugenWLF

    Check Notion Database for Duplicates

    Hey Guys, I want to use Pabbly to check if a Contact has already Opted In on our Systeme.io platform....and if it has I want to announce my sales team Discord Channel to contact them..and if not I want to create the Contact in my Notion Database. I have created the filter, the query for the...
  8. EugenWLF

    notion trigger time takes too long

    Hi, I have a Notion Automation that send Whattsapp messages when I check a box in Notion. and it has to be as close to real time as possible . Is there a way to change the 8 hours time to 3-5 minutes time in a certain interval (when our agents are talking to our clients?) Thank you so much