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    prevent uploaded google drive files from being downloaded

    Hello Pabbly, In Pabbly Connect, even if i choose read only in advanced sharing, the files that i upload on drive folder are still downloadable. I do not need at all for them to be downloaded. Please help with the wright workflow. Thank for your fast reply
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    Whatsapp cloud api media template message

    Hi Pabbly, I am sending successfully text template messages from WhatsApp Cloud API with Pabbly. But I dont understand why the Video and Image Template messages doesnt work even if Pabbly shows that the message is well delivered. If i know how to use your API Module, i will upload the media and...
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    Capture USSD command within Pabbly automation workflow

    Hi, I thank you for your response in which i find a way to complete my question: in fact, not only the ussd command must be captured but also the phone number from which this ussd command originates. To respond to you let me add that my issue is not to process the data further, because i will...
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    Capture USSD command within Pabbly automation workflow

    Hi Pabbly, One of the most interesting automation i am searching for now is to capture USSD Command and process it through a pabbly workflow. Forget the response way as it is not a problem and I can send back responses via SMS or Whatsapp. The command(USSD prompt like 123#1) must be captured as...
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    Map Image when creating a PDF with Google Docs

    Hello Pabbly, I am interested to know if it is possible to Map Image when creating a PDF with Google Docs in a workflow. For example i am creating a card for a visitor and wish to add his image as part OF information provided. There is no image adding example in this tuto: Thank you
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    Whatsapp Cloud API Additionnal workflow 3 times

    Hi Pabbly, My Cloud API workflow is executed 3 times in one run. This consumes my tasks and i want to avoid it. This workflow is a combination of google sheets and Whatsapp send text. The formula with Lookup fails to get results in the 2 useless versions of executed workflow. How can you help...
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    Connect Microsoft Exchange

    Hello Pabbly Forum I am searching for help if someone has already connected Pabbly with Microsof Echange. Please find attached errors that occurs always i tried. Thanks for Assistance. I even ask with Microsoft but we turn around and they did not understood the issue. Thank you Moussa Djibrina
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    Retrieved Whatsapp Cloud API Media file cant play in Brower

    Hello Pabbly, Using your API module i got a retrieved Whatsapp Cloud API media file URL but unfortunately it cant play on Browser. The Link is as follows...
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    Exception: Service invoked too many times for one day: email.

    Hello, My subscription is "Pabbly Connect Monthly Plan - Tier 2" Recently my gmails have not been sent despite that the workflow has run correctly and erros appear as on siubject: Exception: Service invoked too many times for one day: email. I have found a begin of answers on google where i...