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    How to see the full data pabbly sent to an api

    In my workflow, I think I have my settings correct to create a repairshopr invoice. According to the task history, a recent task failed, as it says that we did not send the 'cusomter id' however I have that set to send the customer id in the workflow. so I wanted to see what data did pabbly...
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    Woocommerce, do not send Status when the field is left blank

    Hi, I have a task https://connect.pabbly.com/workflow/mapping/IjU3NjUwNTY5MDYzNDA0MzY1MjZiNTUzMyI_3D_pc I'd like to Update an existing Woocommerce product. I have a route that does this, in the route called Found (meaning it found an existing product) I want to update the product and not change...
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    Quickbooks Online Create a Bill Not Showing All Vendors

    Ok I do see them all now thank you!
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    Quickbooks Online Create a Bill Not Showing All Vendors

    Can you please share a screenshot of what you see? I have just created the step, and hit that refresh button and i see this, attached. also attaching a screenshot from my qbo like i did before showing a partial listing. particulary i am looking for amazon.com in your listing and its not...
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    Quickbooks Online Create a Bill Not Showing All Vendors

    Hi I have clicked that refresh button but I still do not see all my vendors. I also deleted the step and remade the step. Thank you!
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    Quickbooks Online Create a Bill allow blank fields

    Oh I see, I will try to enable mapping and leave it blank thanks!
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    Quickbooks Online Create a Bill allow blank fields

    In Quickbooks Online, Create a Bill action, the pabbly requests a few fields that are not required, however they are filled in with value already pulled from QBO. For example, the field Customer already has there my first customer from QBO, I can click the drop down to select a different...
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    Quickbooks Online Create a Bill Not Showing All Vendors

    Hi I have checked and it seems this did not help. I also updated my qbo connection in pabbly, the list still shows the same as the screenshot above. thanks!
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    Quickbooks Online Create a Bill Not Showing All Vendors

    Hi, in Quickbooks Online, action Create A Bill, when I choose Vendor, the drop down list does not list all of my vendors.
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    Google keeps disconnecting

    I have a google account connection. I keep getting my workflows paused, and an error about oath occurs. i have reconnected the google connection in connection tab. i have created a new workflow using the non deprecated trigger for this also. thanks Trigger Name: YouTube > New Video in...
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    Upload a video on youtube

    Upvote this https://pabbly.hellonext.co/p/youtube-upload-feature
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    Woocommerce Product Update, Retrieve Product by ID is missing Category

    Hi, I'm trying to do a Product Update and in the response, it seems to be missing the Category. I then tried to Retrieve Product by ID, and it also seems its missing the category I'm not sure this is a pabbly issue or a woocommerce issue? But somehow I want to view the category of a product...
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    Woocommerce Invalid JSON body passed.

    fyi, what you did worked, but what I think you did was put in a text replacement and changed the " to <blank>. This removes the " which is not good as the text does need the " in it. So I changed the text replacement to be from " to \" and this seems to have worked, and it also keeps the " in...
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    Woocommerce Invalid JSON body passed.

    Hi, I have a task that creates a woocommerce product. It did work fine before with the deprecated woocommerce connection. I have replaced it with the new woocommerce connection, and it fails to create the product. please see task IjU3NjYwNTZmMDYzMjA0MzE1MjY0NTUzNTUxMzE1MTYyNTQzMSI_3D_pc...
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    Remove JSON Control Characters

    So far it does appear to be working. I will watch this as it runs future actions in this workflow. i guess woocommerce / wordpress supports markdown as so far its working ok. will report back if any issues thxxx
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    Remove JSON Control Characters

    Is there an easier way to remove JSON Control Characters from text? Would be nice to have maybe Text Formatter, Text Basic Formatting, have an option for Remove JSON Control Characters or something similar. An option to remove, and an option to replace the characters with plain text or...
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    Text Formatter by Pabbly timed out

    task id IjE1NTAyMTcwNCI_3D The response received from the Text Formatter by Pabbly app is shown below: Response false Message Response not received in 15 seconds Is text formatter deprecated now? What is the replacement? Or is something else happening thanks!
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    Posting new text to Reddit - URI Too Long

    Since this is a text post, there is no URI that i'm trying to submit. task id IjEyNjUzNzk2NiI_3D thanks!
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    Reddit Submit a Text Post returns 400 Bad request

    It seems the limit may be 40,000 characters from what I can tell. But my content is not over that. However, maybe it was something temporary, as it seems to be resolved now! Thank you
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    Reddit Submit a Text Post returns 400 Bad request

    I have setup an RSS feed (Thank you for adding this!) to Reddit workflow however when I do a test, the reddit response is Label Body H1, Value 400 Bad request https://connect.pabbly.com/workflow/share/C0MCMAdMUDIHTAdDUhkDYlxIUntUHlMFUDcFFw##