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  1. Vikas

    Pabbly Connect Experts and Consultants

    1. Name: Vikas Patil 2. Company Name: Growthguy 3. Languages: English 4. Email: [email protected] 5. Website: https://www.growthguy.in
  2. Vikas

    Sessions.us booking to Nifty PM

    Great Thanks. @Fagun Shah I was able to do that. Is there a way to update an Existing Nifty task with lets say sub tasks or comments or a document? How do we map data to an existing Nifty Task.
  3. Vikas

    Sessions.us booking to Nifty PM

    I would like to integrate my booking page in Sessions with NIfty PN. Usecase: When a booking is created using my sessions booking link I am looking to create a task in Nifty PM. The problem here is: I have 3 booking types in my sessions dashboard i.e. 45 mins consultation, 1hr and 30 mins...
  4. Vikas

    Documenso Integration

    Hello Team, I am looking for an integration with this amazing tool Documenso. https://documenso.com/ This is an esignature tool for contracts. It has webhook and api tokens as well. I would like to know how can i integrate it with pabbly connect. My Flow: After a document signng is...
  5. Vikas

    How to retrieve multiple product ID's for the cart abandonment - whatsapp automation.

    Hello Team, I am following this tutorial to set up the abandoned cart recovery on WhatsApp cloud API. The video shows a step to retrieve product ID, in the video there is only one product in the abandoned cart and hence the details are retrieved. However, in case of multiple products it's...
  6. Vikas

    Erro - cannot have new-line/tab characters or more than 4 consecutive space -whatsapp clound api

    So I was able to get rid of this using number formatter. now everything looks good but still the whatsapp template message does not get delivered. What could be the reason for it?
  7. Vikas

    Erro - cannot have new-line/tab characters or more than 4 consecutive space -whatsapp clound api

    Hello @Supreme, I am also getting similar error. I am trying to send a whatsapp template message to the user who has submitted the elementor form. The mesage is not going through. Please check attached screenshot Thanks.
  8. Vikas

    Multiple WhatsApp automation using the same Number

    Thanks @Kunal Valuskar , I also read that 360 dialog and msg91 has a special offer for Pabbly customers. where can I find the link for both these platforms? @Neeraj @Fagun Shah
  9. Vikas

    Multiple WhatsApp automation using the same Number

    Hello Team, I am looking to solve this, I have registered for Whatsapp cloud api and set an automation inside pabbly connect using the webhook URL provided. And now I am looking to setup another automation using whatsapp for the same number and this time pabbly connect has given another...
  10. Vikas

    Whatsapp Customer Number verification

    Hello Everyone, I am looking to send a template message to my customers on their WhatsApp for specific events. I am unsure if the numbers they provide us are WhatsApp numbers. Hence I would like to do this - I would like to verify if the customer is on WhatsApp or not and then use router 1. If...
  11. Vikas

    Run reports on Google Analytics

    Great! Thanks @Naveen I was able to run the reports.
  12. Vikas

    Run reports on Google Analytics

    Hi @Naveen @Supreme , I appreciate your help. 1. How can I map the date in this case,I need to update the date column in the google sheet for the day the report is generated. 2. Also, there seems to be an issue connecting the google sheet. Please check this video...
  13. Vikas

    Run reports on Google Analytics

    Hey @Supreme , Thanks for the quick response. I tried the integration however I am not being able to run a report and find the data I am looking for. Here is my use case - I am looking to reports in a google sheet. The data I need would be - Daily users, sessions, events, bounce rate, pages...
  14. Vikas

    Run reports on Google Analytics

    Thanks @Supreme for the info. I am waiting for this to go through. Is there any approx. timeline I can expect on this? Thanks, Vikas.
  15. Vikas

    Run reports on Google Analytics

    I am trying to automate GA reporting using Schedule as a trigger and GA as an action and then updating it on Google sheet. I connected the GA account but i am not able to select the property and profile in the dropdown. Can Anyone help? It is a GA4 account.