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    Bookeo new Payment to Mailchimp

    Thanks for that. I am not sure what you mean by configure the mapping in the Mailchimp action steps? Do you mean to add first name, last name and email address in the Does not exist filter? And if so should I just add my name in there since I cannot get them from Mailchimp if they don't exist....
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    Bookeo new Payment to Mailchimp

    Thanks for that. I spent hours trying to get this to work and watched the video several times. I still don't have it working... The Bookeo trigger New Payment doesn't allow me to send the email address to Mailchimp. Instead in the Mailchimp action step I search for a member and if it is there I...
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    Bookeo new Payment to Mailchimp

    I'm trying to create a 2 workflows but not having much luck. The router doesn't seem to be picking up data from Mailchimp only from Bookeo.... Can someone please take a look and give me the exact steps to accomplish this. the first workflow simply adds a New Bookeo customer to my Mailchimp...
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    HTTP Status Code 204

    Thanks, that seems to be working fine now.
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    HTTP Status Code 204

    Thanks for your reply and video. It looks different to the setup I have which is as follows: Trigger. 1. Bookeo: New Booking Action. 2. Mailchimp: Find Member Action. 3. Router by Pabbly - Route 1. Action. Filter by Pabbly > Action. 2. Mailchimp: Add Member Tag Route 2. Action. Filter by...
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    HTTP Status Code 204

    Hi I did what you suggested and reconnected the action step i.e. the Mailchimp connection using the existing connection rather than a new one but it still doesn't add the tag to new booking member in Mailchimp....the only person it has added the tag to is me when I was testing...am I missing...
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    HTTP Status Code 204

    Hi I have set up an integration with Pabbly Connect between Bookeo and Mailchimp and at the router stage I am getting an error HTTP Status Code 204 Message The application processed the request but returned a blank response. Refer to the HTTP status code above for details. This means...
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    Bookeo to Mailchimp via Pabbly Connect

    I want to be able to add new bookings in Bookeo (Trigger) to Mailchimp list tagged with the date of the booking (Action). If customer exists then add the tag (date) of the booking to Mailchimp i.e. update their record. I cannot see where I can accomplish this?
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    Mailchimp datacentre

    Getting error msg in pabbly connect when i put in the mailchimp data centre and api key. Checked the api key and it is right...