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    How to run an action or set of actions more than once

    Good Morning, I'm creating a workflow for my loyalty program that at the end will send an SMS only to customers whom fidelity card points have changed in a day. So steps that I created are as follow: 1) Trigger is every day at 8:00 AM 2) Make an API call to my CRM that send as answer the list...
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    Create a google sheet where to save data from a work flow

    Good Morning to everyone. I need help to know if it's possibile to create a google sheet in which I've to insert datas as a result of a workflow. I explain my situation better. I've a fashion store in Italy and I have a loyalty program in cloud. Unfortunately yesterday eventing My database...
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    Create rows in goggle sheet from results of Iterator

    Thanks ArshilAhmad, I'm facing an issue trying to insert datas in a google sheet from iterator because I've to create 800 rows as many fidelity card I have, in reality workflow creates only one row. I don't know where I'm making mistake Thanks if you could help me Tobia
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    Create rows in goggle sheet from results of Iterator

    Hi Supreme, thanks for your reply. So following your reply to send a whatsapp message to each customer I don't need to create rows in a google sheet but I could use directly data from ITERATOR? Is this correct?
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    Create rows in goggle sheet from results of Iterator

    Good morning, My goal with this new automation is to send every last day of the month to my customers that have my fidelity card a wathsapp message. The body of the message is how much points their fidelity card has. So steps I created are these: 1) schedule the date ( last day of the moth)...
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    Google Sheets automation doesn't work today

    Good morning, I'm receiving data from 3rd party application.
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    Google Sheets automation doesn't work today

    Good morning to everyone, I'm facing an issue today building an automation that add data contant to my CRM. Trigger is a new row added to a specific spreadsheet: it seems that web hook is not receiving from Google sheets Is anyone facing this issue? Thank for help Tobia
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    How to use TEXT FORMATTER

    Hi Supreme, thanks for your interest. Sure I explain. I'm building a workflow to insert customer datas in my CRM. Trigger is receiving an email in Gmail when a customer signs up in my fidelity program to a have a fidelity card, then I add a row with Google Sheets in a Worksheet and then I...
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    How to use TEXT FORMATTER

    Nothing. That's because the file .txt the workflow creates is than use to pass datas in my app to use WHATSAPP. The CRM of this app has 5 fields named TAG1 TAG2 TAG3 TAG4 TAG5 but my need is only to use TAG3 TAG4 TAG5 To better understand: TAG3 = UOMO TAG4 = DONNA TAG5 = Sport TAG1 and TAG2...
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    How to use TEXT FORMATTER

    Here I'm thanks for your skill: but works partially. The issue is that if I find only one or two results and the third is blank at the end of the work flow I have to create a TXT file with a specific location for each result. So if I find for example "UOMO" and "SPORT" these datas have to...
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    How to use TEXT FORMATTER

    Good morning, I'm new so please forgive me if I ask "stupid" questions"! :) I'm building a workflow and at a certain point I've to find, inside a string like this "Abbigliamento e scarpe UOMO , Abbigliamento e scarpe DONNA , Sport", the words UOMO or DONNA or Sport. But not always the string...