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    Issue with infusionsoft tag count

    Hello, We have a lot of tags in our infusionsoft system (1453). I notice that the scroll down list only goes to the "O"s alphebetically, and when i tried to search for "surviving to thriving" it would not appear. My guess is that it loads a max of 1000 and the last 453 were not loaded. I...
  2. H

    Infusionsoft oAuth Invalid Access Token

    Hey Supreme, yes I am aware of this. This does not include the oAuth token for me to review. Again it would be nice to confirm on this side before digging deep into infusionsoft's side about a potential issue. Itd be amazing if there were a 3rd tab that included the headers sent in the...
  3. H

    Infusionsoft oAuth Invalid Access Token

    Hi Supreme. The credentials are certainly valid. I have built quite a few backends for oAuth systems in my past. I dont see how unlinking and then re-linking will solve as we already have aprx 95% of requests using the current token just fine. I just need to be able to see what tokens are...
  4. H

    Infusionsoft oAuth Invalid Access Token

    Hey Supreme, Thanks for your response. There is certainly something off here and im not sure if its on Keaps side or Pabbly. We had about 6 out of 100 requests this weekend have this error. Is there a way to view the full request being sent to Keap including the headers (access token). Its...
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    Infusionsoft oAuth Invalid Access Token

    Hello, I am getting an intermittent issue with an Infusionsoft integration. It seems very odd because in the workflow, it gets data from FB (fine), adds a customer to infusionsoft (fine), pauses for a few minutes (fine), then updates a tag to infusionsoft (fails - Invalid Access Token). I am...
  6. H

    Facebook Lead Webhook error

    Thanks for the info. Yes that was my sense that re-executing caused some type of change to how the data is parsed. Im pretty sure this is not how you want your system to work though. Part of the benefit of re-playing the events is that if there is something later in the pipeline that does...
  7. H

    Facebook Lead Webhook error

    Hello, We have a workflow that starts with a facebook webhook. Many of these requests are failing, and I see based on the raw info in the webhook that the key-value pairs of the data returned from facebook are not always consistent, leading to issues with processes further down the line. I...