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Search results

  1. J

    Retable Multiple selection

    Hi Im tryin to send data from spreadsheet to retable to create a Record, in Retable we create a column with multiselection, when I map the result from spreadsheet is bring me an error: Important Note: In the case of a checkbox field, it is necessary to enter either true or false to indicate the...
  2. J

    Uchat + Pabbly Issue with user fields

    Hi i record a video to show you the error! https://www.loom.com/share/d44c82902ad345eb9c1224a78b54fc76?sid=a6d78b22-498d-4be4-9e28-6793883733c7
  3. J

    Uchat + Pabbly Issue with user fields

    Since 2 weeks ago the uchat webhook with an specific tag is not returning the "user field" data. This was working one week ago and now the data is not showing. I report this in UChat but I dont know if it is a Pabbly Issue or Uchat issue. Here Im sharing a loom trying to explain the issue more...
  4. J

    Field(s) image character length exceeded error

    oh! I see...I thought it was related to the lenght of my message text, because I erase some word in the message and it work correctly...This is new? because I had some scenarios working correctly and this error is something that start to pop up this week. Thanks!
  5. J

    Field(s) image character length exceeded error

    Since yesterday I'm receving this kind of messages in some of my flows, I have this flows working since 3 months ago and this error start appearing since yesterday in 4 workflow. Im using Ultramsg in all this flows "status": "error", "message": "Field(s) image character length exceeded...
  6. J

    Webhook in google sheets is not working

    UPDATE: If I fill the cell directly to the google sheets the webhook triggers correctly but if the google sheet is fill from uchat is no triggering the webhook. Why is that?
  7. J

    Webhook in google sheets is not working

    Hi something is happening with the webhook in one of my workflows, I don't know why is not triggering the actions, is a webhook connected to a google sheets but when I do a test it send the info and receive it correctly but when a new row is created the webhook doesn't capture the info so the...
  8. J

    Issue with google forms / sheets & webhook

    I created I google form that has conditional is a restaurant feedback form so if you choose four or five stars it sends you to one form but if you choose one, two or three stars it sends you to another form, so the result in the google sheets is not the same for all the submits. The issue Im...
  9. J

    Reduce trigger time GMB

    Hi! can you please help me to reduce to 10 min this workflow? https://connect.pabbly.com/workflow/share/AUlTYQVSVzRXHQBtAUoBJltPV1NUDgU5Bx5RQwMMVCxTCQNoVhcAalsXBCZfCAloBE0JYwNfVm5dSQEFVwFTIFxRBilUSwVYV2QBRA1SWnABYw## Thanks Jorge
  10. J

    Google my business timezone

    Hi! I'm receiving all my review with an incorrect time zone even when my time zone is correct, can you help me on this? The date is correct but the hours in incorrect... the correct time zone is America / Merida See attachments this was my last review: today 5 pm and th review arrives with...