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    Facebook Lead Ad and Aweber Connection

    Hello can you please confirm this is working https://connect.pabbly.com/workflow/mapping/IjU3NjUwNTZjMDYzNjA0MzA1MjY0NTUzMjUxMzEi_pc
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    Facebook Lead Ad and Aweber Connection

    i changed the email address and now i am getting this error messagse 201 The application processed the request but returned a blank response. Refer to the HTTP status code above for details.
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    Facebook Lead Ad and Aweber Connection

    I am not able to set up facebook lead with aweber. I get the following message. I followed the video EXACTLy as it showed but it wont take the email. I set this connection up in integromat and it had no problem. I am very disappointment because each time i try to set something up it fails.
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    webhook response

    Thank you
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    webhook response

    I have already dont that mutiple time. It was not cloned. Here is a video that I created for the last person who asked me to do it again...
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    webhook response

    Yes. I added you. Thank you for your help.
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    webhook response

    i spoke with jotform tech support and they said nothing is wrong on their end and suggested I use a different company and gave me recommendations on how to do with it with someone else. Is this something that I will be able to do with pabbly or do I need to go to a different company?
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    webhook response

    name of workflow Jotform Create Client Credit Repair cloud
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    webhook response

    Thank you I added you.
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    webhook response

    Hello. I am trying to connect jotform. I am going around in circles between these two responses. I have done everything in the videos. I have done a test submission and I even paid for a submission. I know the information is there because when i set up the action it feels in the information i...
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    Calendly integration stuck in waiting for response

    I am having this same issue. Was this ever resolved?
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    Calendly will not connect

    I can not create a work flow with Calendly. It is stuck on waiting for response. I created the test appointment and went through all the steps on the videos. But it gets stuck here. I see someone else had this same issues and the resolution was never posted. I signed up with google. I tried to...