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    Lexoffice more options (receipt upload)

    The Api allows upload of receipts. It would be great to have that option available in Pabbly connect.
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    Robolly image rendering through html/api

    Hi Supreme, this is the provided api line with variables copied from the render dashboard: https://api.robolly.com/templates/62a324892e2bf508fde426f2/render.jpg?image={{REAPLCE_WITH_IMAGE_URL}}&quote={{REPLACE_WITH_TEXT_CONTENT}}&hashtag={{REPLACE_WITH_TEXT_CONTENT}} I can easily exchange the...
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    Robolly image rendering through html/api

    Hi Kunal, the video helped me to find more ways I can try but I still get an empty response. I've tried GET and Custom Action events. Robolly gives setup automation wizzards for Google Sheets, Zapier and Node.js and I tried to use those info for Headers and Parameters in many different ways...
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    Robolly image rendering through html/api

    Hi, I am hoping that someone can help me with this. I am trying to get an image in Robolly rendered through a simple call. I can do this by just opening the link...
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    Tucalendi to Infinity - group events

    Ok, thank you! What would be the right format for a Link or Attachment? I always get this error: Invalid data...
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    Tucalendi to Infinity - group events

    Hey Supreme, I will try with another workflow... In this case I am trying to use my extracted hashtags for labels in Infinity. This array format (picture 2) is the only one so far that hasn't thrown out an "format error". But the label field stays empty. I´ve tried mapping a word directly...
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    Tucalendi to Infinity - group events

    Hi Supreme, thank you, that worked for the iterator. I will try and see if the collected data is assigned correctly. Here`s one extra question concerning Infinity: it it possible to create labels from data going trough pabbly? Thanks Timo
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    Tucalendi to Infinity - group events

    Hi Supreme, thanks a lot, this was very helpful. Unfortunatelly there's no array I can choose in the iterator. The list is blank. It is connected to Tucalendi with a webhook response received. It is not a jason result. Thanks, Timo
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    Tucalendi to Infinity - group events

    Hi, I am trying to create a new item (Attendee name and information) in Infinity when a new booking in Tucalendi is made. This works great for a new single booking and for the first of a group. For group events the second attendee is not creating a booking but the group booking is modified...