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    respond not working

    Hey @DME Moti Packaging If you are utilizing Formula and Appscript in Google Sheets and find that they are not functioning properly to automatically forward data to the workflow, we advise our users to consider using the "Auto Send on Schedule" option when passing data from a 3rd party...
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    Leadconnector v1 and v2

    Please allow us some time, we are checking on it, and shall notify you with an update soon.
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    A quick notice about recent task execution. I hs

    Can you please record a short video on the same, so that we can identify the issue and check it further?
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    WooCommerce > Mailchimp Journey (automation)

    Hey @ec_206 To recreate your automation in Pabbly with the necessary validations, follow these steps: 1. WooCommerce - New Order: - Set up a trigger for a new order in WooCommerce. (Watch the first part of the video) 2. Filter - Product ID: - Add a filter to check if the Product ID...
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    A quick notice about recent task execution. I hs

    It appears that you still haven't made a new connection for Facebook Lead Ad yet. So, kindly add a new connection once in the incognito mode of the browser and make sure you grant all the permission for the desired Facebook Lead Ad.
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    A quick notice about recent task execution. I hs

    Hey @haroonsulehri The error message (#100) Tried accessing nonexisting field (adset_name) on node type (LeadGenData) indicates that you are trying to access a field (adset_name) that does not exist on the LeadGenData node in Facebook Lead Ads. This issue can arise due to changes in the...
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    2 Workflows I need help with

    Hey @Stephyoung Can you please share the workflow URL once you have tried it so that we can look into it?
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    Can I send all data from one workflow to another, and then back to the original workflow?

    Yes, you can use the "Return Workflow Response to Source" option to trigger Workflow B from Workflow A and then return to Workflow A to continue the remaining steps. This can be achieved with the help of the Data Transformer Forward webhook response action step.
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    Youtube connection (2)

    Hey @amas Thank you for the update and the effort. I will share this information with the team and inform you if we have any further developments related to this matter.
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    Pabbly Reminder Time Error

    Hey @riteshscalex Our team has responded to your inquiry on ticket #82450, please review the response.
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    Need help with Lulu integration

    Hey @nicktsai We have incorporated the Street 2 fields into the 'Lulu: Create Print Job' action step to accommodate the additional address length. Please review this update and inform us if it meets your requirements.
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    Is there a workflow for a new Instagram message triggering?

    Hey @lelehelloworld Unfortunately, there is no trigger event available to capture new messages from an Instagram account.
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    how to append the shopify abonded cart url ?utm-souorce=pabbly

    If you wish to append additional UTM parameters to your workflow, you can utilize the Spreadsheet formula action step to concatenate the URL with the provided UTM parameters. Additionally, if you attempt to retrieve the source URL of cart abandonment with the UTM parameter from a Shopify...
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    Leadconnector v1 and v2

    Please note that if the desired fields and options you are looking for are available in the LeadConnector API documentation, we will add them. However, if the Assign option is not available on their end, we are unable to do so. We have already consulted with them, and they currently do not...
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    How get sum from an array

    Thanks for the update @Jithin, you can view the short video provided to learn how to add the amounts simultaneously for all the line items. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ne2VwgrwMlmCRK_5A9VcpbpRoP-sIw8e/view?usp=drivesdk
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    How get sum from an array

    Hey @Jithin Please provide the reference of the specific JSON array value you wish to calculate from Square's webhook response, so we can explore the possibilities.
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    how to append the shopify abonded cart url ?utm-souorce=pabbly

    Hey @berrysmith The webhook trigger used in Shopify is descriptive-based and captures the data sent by the application. We have no control over the data sent from Shopify to Pabbly Connect. If Shopify sends the UTM data in their response with Cart Abondend, that data will also be forwarded.
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    why is the workflow stop in 2nd step?

    Hey @alaa bebar Please review your task history thoroughly. The Attachment Links have been mapped in the Iterator action step from the Email Parser's trigger response. However, in some instances, no attachment was available in the received emails, causing the mapped field of Attachment Link to...
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    Need Help with Automating Enquiry Data Storage and WhatsApp Broadcast

    Hey @cityprofessionals For your use case, you may find the following video lesson useful, which demonstrates how to store data in Google Sheets and then forward it to users through WhatsApp messages. (Please watch the second part of the video; in this section, we have utilized Stripe, but you...
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    Telegram Messages to Google Sheets Issue

    Hey @alfotus It appears that the bot created under your account is only capable of capturing the responses it generates, rather than messages from other accounts. This means that when you issue a command such as /start@kq_fund_Bot, the bot under your account will only capture the response it...