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Search results

  1. bandelero

    Refresh Retable module

    Done https://pabbly.featureos.app/p/refresh-retable-module
  2. bandelero

    Refresh Retable module

    Dear Pabbly Team, Retable has updated their API. They now have endpoints to get one row or find a row (like Airtable's search records). Think it's time you updated the module in Pabbly. Cheers, E
  3. bandelero

    Sharing workflows - two questions

    Thank you for the response. Just to clarify. Say, I shared a workflow and created a share link. Then I permanently delete the original workflow that I shared. What happens when someone clicks the share link I previously generated before I deleted the original workflow?
  4. bandelero

    Sharing workflows - two questions

    Dear Pabbly Team, I have two questions regarding sharing workflows. (1) If workflows contain your API modules, and there's a Bearer token in the "Token" field in the original workflow, will you wipe the content of the Bearer token when the workflow is shared? (2) If I share the workflow and...
  5. bandelero

    Temporary variables and sequential routing

    Added! There already is a request to enable sequential processing of router branches (and to give us a way to reorder the execution sequence). I added the request for temporary (workflow) variables.
  6. bandelero

    Temporary variables and sequential routing

    Dear Pabbly Team, I finally had a chance to look at the custom variables feature you've recently added. I realized that your implementation of custom variables is "global" as opposed to temporary - e.g. live within one execution of a workflow. I think this misses a huge use case, specifically...
  7. bandelero

    Router - order of execution

    Hey amazing Pabbly team, I have a few questions about the Router order of execution: (1) Is the execution of Router branches sequential or parallel? (2) if Sequential, in what sequence does the Router execute branches? Top to bottom? Cheers, Evgeny
  8. bandelero

    OpenAI Timeout - Need to revisit

    Hey Pabbly folks, I know there's an error handler on the way, which will, hopefully, help with OpenAI erroring out due to model overload. Yet, very often, OpenAI works well, but it's just slow. And if you need to produce a large piece of text (which you cannot chunk into separate requests)...
  9. bandelero

    Remove all emojis from a chunk of text?

    I hired ChatGPT and it gave me this code snippet: let str = "[string]"; str = str.replace(/[^\p{L}\p{N}\p{P}\p{Z}]/gu, ''); return(str); . Works like a charm :)
  10. bandelero

    Remove all emojis from a chunk of text?

    Hey folks, Has anyone ever had to use regex or anything else Pabbly supports to remove ALL emojis from a string of text? Any advice how to navigate? E
  11. bandelero

    Pabbly team - need help in private

    Think I fixed it by re-driving the filters...
  12. bandelero

    Pabbly team - need help in private

    Hey folks, One of my scenarios is giving me an error: Even though the response is a somple JSON array. Please respond in private. E
  13. bandelero

    Required function: Enter the seconds combination in delay

    @Supreme - why wouldn't you support a delay in seconds? Some APIs we query have rate limits in seconds. Why wouldn't you support something that's very useful?...
  14. bandelero

    Twitter triggers

    Hey Pabbly team, Presumably, free developer accounts can have one webhook subscription. So can you offer a Twitter trigger that uses this webhook? E
  15. bandelero

    Open AI Automation doesnt work

    OpenAI doesn't time you out at 40 seconds. Pabbly does.
  16. bandelero

    Open AI Automation doesnt work

    Pabbly IS using the real API connection. You can do the same via an HTTP request module, but you'll get the same results. OpenAI repeatedly runs out of capacity, so they send an error to the HTTP request.
  17. bandelero

    OpenAI - Response not received in 25 seconds.

    Hey @Supreme, Thanks for letting us know. What's preventing Pabbly from increasing the timeout? Eugene
  18. bandelero

    Please upvote auto re-execute failed tasks (if you use OpenAI, you know you need this)

    Thank you. Given the urgency of this feature, is there an ETA?