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    New paypal vendor added - what should client do?

    Hi there, So, I've changed from one PayPal account to another. Is there a way the current clients can move from the old Paypal account to the new one. Here I am not talking about the client's PayPal account, it is our corporate PayPal account that has changed. Best, Thomas
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    Coupons and free trial - how influence each other

    Thank you Mukesh, You write: "...you'll need to manually upgrade the customer to a paid plan and collect payment" => This could be handled by the user logging into the client portal and choosing a plan and adding payment method, right? If that's correct, my only problem would be: How could I...
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    Coupons and free trial - how influence each other

    Thank you. I really don't understand how I can achieve a true free trial without users having to register their payment info. Any advise on that?
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    Coupons and free trial - how influence each other

    Hi there, I have a SaaS with a 14 day free trial period. I am thinking to do the following for the people who is "subscription_create" but did not pass "subscription_activate" because they did not fill out payment info : Wait 10 min, and then if they still haven't completed the sign up, I...
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    How create a free plan

    Hi Vipin, Can this option be used to: - create the above subscription using API - afterward (following a free trial period) request the user to go to the client portal and choose a paid plan The purpose: To let lead sign up without requesting payment method and only when they are happy to use...
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    Webhook Sending Guide

    Thank you Satyabala and team.
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    Why only "credit_create" and no other webhooks? Makes it really hard to use PSB

    Thank you Mukesh, I have 1-3 questions here on the forum, can I expect we can cover all in one call, or should I book multiple calls? Best regards, Thomas
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    Why only "credit_create" and no other webhooks? Makes it really hard to use PSB

    Hi there, In the case of upgrading and downgrading from the customer portal, I have adjusted my webhook processing so: 1) subscription_activate is good for new signups and for upgrade/downgrade during trial. 2) After the trial is over, subscription_upgrade/subscription_should work. However...
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    User creates trial using Stripe, then upgrades using manual payment = no revenue :-(

    Hi, I am trying to set up PSB for a digital, log-in-based, product with a 2 week trial period. When a user signs up, and adds their Stripe/payment information, I create a user for them in my system. However, I see if the user, during the trial period, upgrades, and choose "Offline Payment" in...
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    Webhook Sending Guide

    The list is not updated. You also have a subscription downgrade/upgrade scheduled "subscription event". PSB is firing an excessive amount of webhooks, so please at least make this complete. It is tough to navigate.
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    Better UI for upgrade/downgrade options/plan overview

    Hi there, When a client enters the client portal, it is very hard for them to find out where they can upgrade, downgrade or cancel. I get the odd idea that it isdesigned to avoid the client from finding out how to do it. However, that can't be true. Therefore, I suggest you make it way easier...
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    Single Sign-On for Pabbly Subscriptions’ Client Portal

    Thank you @Akanksha - very useful. Is this a temporary link that expires after a certain time period or is it a permanent link? Best regards, Thomas
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    Best Practice for Subscribers Who Did Not Add Payment Method?

    Hi there, I have set up a checkout page, and often it happens that people fill in the basic information about themselves (name, country, state), but when they are prompted to add their PayPal information, they abandon the process. I get two webhook events: "subscription_create" and...
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    How do I name my company?

    Thanks, I found it!
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    Error in Airtable integration

    Hi Supreme, The name? "Airtable problem workflow" Isn't it better with the ID: IjU3NjMwNTY4MDYzNjA0MzA1MjY0NTUzNSI_3D_pc Thank you for looking into this.
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    Error in Airtable integration

    Hi there, I am trying to migrate a flow from Zapier to Pabbly, but I am getting an error in Pabbly for something that is working in Zapier. This is the error: I can't have "1" in a field, as Pabbly sees it as an Airtalbe ID field: https://share.getcloudapp.com/9ZuzKOJL However, this is not a...
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    How do I name my company?

    I don't see how I can add the name of my company: https://share.getcloudapp.com/NQu4WxNO I don't see the field which is displayed in the YouTube video introducing the client portal.