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  1. Q

    Cohort retention report

    Hi @abular I created a feature request, if you would still like the report please consider voting for it
  2. Q

    Cohort Retention Report or Export

    Can you please consider adding a data export so that users can generate a Cohort retention report. This will enable us to see: - How long customers stay subscribed on average - Changes in subscription time by monthly new subscriptions (cohort) - Calculate customer lifetime value - Better plan...
  3. Q

    Is there a way to export Cancel Reason answers?

    Is there a way to export the reasons subscribers gave when they cancelled a subscription - the Cancel Reason field? For example: Select all Non Renewing or Cancelled subscriptions and export them. At the moment the Cancel Reason text is not included in the export.
  4. Q

    Ability to increase prices for existing Products / Plans

    I would really appreciate the ability to increase prices for existing Products / Plans. The way we had to do this in 2023-10 was to create new Plans and Upgrade subscribers to this plan. BUT this only worked for Credit Card / Stripe customers. For PayPal we had to cancel subscriptions and...
  5. Q

    Exports taking a long time - days

    I think there may be a problem with the exports if the data is filtered. For example when I try to export the last 50 Status = Paid customers. I receive no export email.
  6. Q

    Exports taking a long time - days

    Okay I will take a look but I am not sure that is the problem. For example today I received an email of an export a few days ago and of the 50 records selected the downloaded file contained only 15 records
  7. Q

    Exports taking a long time - days

    Can someone please look into this problem - Customer exports DO NOT work
  8. Q

    Exports taking a long time - days

    Customer exports do not seem to be working - can you please have a look?
  9. Q

    Price increase

    Hi We would like to implement a price increase. How do we do this? Just go into each product and increase the price, for example from $10 to $15? On the next renewal will the new amount be charged to the customer automatically? Thanks
  10. Q

    Exports taking a long time - days

    Thanks they seem to arrive within a few minutes now
  11. Q

    Exports taking a long time - days

    My exports from 22-03-2023 finally arrived on 28-03-2023, 6 days later! I would really appreciete it if someone answers this question and or looks into making the time shorter.
  12. Q

    Exports taking a long time - days

    When I recently exported payments or subscriptions CSV files and it took days for me to get an email that the download is available. Is this normal? The exports were around 300 items so not too large.
  13. Q

    Subscription export columns change

    Any news on this question?
  14. Q

    Subscription export columns change

    Can someone please answer this question?
  15. Q

    Subscription export columns change

    I found that when I do a Subscription export most of the time the columns change. Sometimes the sequence other times new columns are added. As I use this in other reporting this is extremely frustrating. Is there a way I can determine what columns and the sequence (left to right) they are...
  16. Q

    Does Pabbly have an abandoned cart email feature?

    Is someone going to answer this question?
  17. Q

    Does Pabbly have an abandoned cart email feature?

    I there a feature in Pabbly subscription billing that sends the customer an email if the signup form completion is not completed?
  18. Q

    How create a free plan

    We would like to create a free plan with no trial period and not converting to a paid subscription Valid for 30 days Not asking for any payment info on any Gateway Is this possible?
  19. Q

    Change default email footer colour

    Is there a way to change the color of the footer in the default Pabbly Subscription Billing email templates?
  20. Q

    Update in Stripe Payment method

    Is it possible to change "Stripe" to Credit Card" as not all our users know Stripe is a credit card.