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    Date into Hubspot

    I am trying to enter a date field into hubspot but I get this error - Property values were not valid: [{"isValid":false,"message":"29/04/2024 was not a valid long","error":"INVALID_LONG","name":"lead_enquiry_date"}] This is the flow...
  2. M

    Hubspot Contact updated trigger

    Hi, I have a flow that should trigger when a contact is updated in Hubspot https://connect.pabbly.com/workflow/mapping/IjU3NjUwNTY4MDYzNjA0MzE1MjZkNTUzYzUxMzYi_pc The issue is that this only triggers when a contact is updated on their profile page that shows all fields. See video for further...
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    Custom Klaviyo Fields

    For me it looks like this. Is that right? I have added a search step to find the ID. Is that right? What do I then need to put in the third step?
  4. M

    Custom Klaviyo Fields

    How can I add more fields to send to klaviyo? This is the flow we have https://connect.pabbly.com/workflow/mapping/IjU3NjUwNTZiMDYzZjA0M2M1MjZiNTUzYzUxM2Ei_pc And I would like to send more fields/data that we have captured but can't see an option to add more fields. Also, what do I enter in...
  5. M

    Klaviyo new or updated subscriber

    The App is Klaviyo And the Trigger Event is New Event. Thanks,
  6. M

    Klaviyo new or updated subscriber

    What if I use 'subscribed to list'? Would this trigger is an existing contact is added to the list again?
  7. M

    Klaviyo new or updated subscriber

    Hi, Is it possible to have a trigger for klaviyo for a new or updated subscriber in a list? Thank you, Markus
  8. M

    Date Time Formatter

    I have updated the date and tried rerunning previous tasks but I think it has caused multiple failures. An example is here IjU3NjMwNTZlMDYzNjA0MzA1MjZiNTUzMTUxMzY1MTY2NTQzMiI_3D_pc But there are many more which seem to be duplicates in the task history list?
  9. M

    Date Time Formatter

    Thank you. I have done that and tried to do a test and now get this error: Property values were not valid: [{"isValid":false,"message":"26/01/2024 was not a valid long","error":"INVALID_LONG","name":"lead_enquiry_date"}] What is causing that?
  10. M

    Date Time Formatter

    Hi, I have this flow which has a Date/Time formatted step https://connect.pabbly.com/workflow/mapping/IjU3NjUwNTY4MDYzNzA0MzQ1MjZhNTUzMDUxMzIi_pc This turns a field into dd/mm/yyyy format I am trying to use it in the update contact in hubspot step but can't see it. What do I need to do...
  11. M

    Shopify Updated Customer Trigger

    For shopify I can see a trigger for 'New Customer' Is there a trigger I can use for if a customer has been updated? Thank you, Markus
  12. M

    Klaviyo fields missing

    Thank you, I have tried to continue building out the update contact step but am having difficulty. Do I need to have a 'search contact' step? For the first field of the update contact step it is asking for contact id. In the dropdown is then only a list of emails. What needs to be done here...
  13. M

    Klaviyo fields missing

    Hi, What is the best way to setup a flow to add or update a contact in Hubspot? Thank you,
  14. M

    Data being added to google sheet incorrectly

    No, I didn't add any new columns
  15. M

    Data being added to google sheet incorrectly

    I have read this post https://forum.pabbly.com/threads/select-trigger-response.14210/ In situations where I can't find the missing mappable field, is there a way that I can add it manually? For example by entering something like "1. Person 2023-05_Silex Pro enquiry_v2" (this is the field name...
  16. M

    Data being added to google sheet incorrectly

    Hi Arshil, I appreciate that this is a workaround but isn't a sustainable long term solution for us. Is it a bug causing the issues with the Add row function? Can this be fixed Thank you, Markus
  17. M

    Data being added to google sheet incorrectly

    This is the google sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19g8--N4ZKX-tjVmBHnSlsg0Hpq1rHU_CHeLEhgCwfuA/edit?usp=sharing
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    Data being added to google sheet incorrectly

    Hi, I have a flow called Klaviyo_Sheets_New Subscribers_2024_v1 And data is being added to the incorrect columns. What could be causing this? Marrkus
  19. M

    Send an email

    Hi, I have a flow setup where new leads come into. Is it possible to set an action in the flow to send me an email when a new lead comes in? Thank you Markus
  20. M

    Google Sheets Add Row Fields

    I haven't been able to setup a single action using Pabbly.