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Search results

  1. K

    Clickup task from template due date

    That’s a shame, extra task it will be then. Thanks for informing me
  2. K

    Clickup task from template due date

    When creating a task in Clickup from a template there is no option to edit parameters such as due date which is essential. Can these options please be included to save extra steps (eg a followup update task step)
  3. K

    Clickup no longer importing data properly

    seems to have resolved it, I'll keep an eye on it to confirm that as it runs organically
  4. K

    Clickup no longer importing data properly

    “ASC Prospectus lead” in my account There was no changes made to my workflow in this time
  5. K

    Clickup no longer importing data properly

    Im am suddenly having issue with Clickup integration. My automation has stopped importing data to clickup that was working fine 2 weeks ago. Hoping for some insight!
  6. K

    Clickup Create task attachment

    When creating a new task in ClickUp, how do I also upload an attachment to that task?
  7. K

    Dropbox -> Google Drive

    I'm assuming it has something to do with Res2 URL opening the file in a dropbox container and Res2 Shareable Link redirecting to a longer URL?
  8. K

    Dropbox -> Google Drive

    I am trying to create an automation that identifies a new file uploaded to Dropbox folder (works fine) which then uploads the same file to google drive. Through mapping RES2URL I can get a file uploaded, however it is corrupted (pdf). None of the other links identified (including sharable URL)...
  9. K

    Google sheet

    With the update / add new row as a trigger. What happens when adding multiple rows simultaneously (ie pasting multiple rows from a csv)? Is each row treated as a separate trigger and therefore run an automation instance or will only one row be counted as a trigger
  10. K

    xero invoice not saving

    Thank you for reinstating the Xero integration I am finding that I cannot save an Invoice, though i can save and invoice with line items. Is this replicated on your end?
  11. K

    Woocommerce trigger - review submitted/published

    Self explanatory!
  12. K

    Xero - edit invoice line items

    Try again, actually you do support this (check screenshot below). I am not asking about create, I am asking about edit an invoice.
  13. K

    Xero - edit invoice line items

    How do I add a new line item to an already created Xero invoice?
  14. K

    Google file upload error

    I don't understand that as it is a PDF generated by Fluent forms which opens without issue. There was previously no issue in this workflow so I am unsure how it is now no longer the proper format. Could you please provide some more insight into this?
  15. K

    Google file upload error

    The workflow is named Short Course Enrolment in my list. Do you need to know more about this?
  16. K

    Google file upload error

    I'm having trouble with an automation that previously ran fine. This parses an email for attachment and creates a google folder which it then uploads that file into. At the upload step I am now constantly getting: Error Details 0 @type - http://type.googleapis.com/google.apps.script.v1... Error...
  17. K

    Tax type when creating Xero invoice

    I am trying to override the tax type when creating a Xero invoice. I have followed the suggested link (https://developer.xero.com/documentation/api/accounting/types/#tax-rates) and have tried setting the tax type to INPUT as would be suggested by the API documentation, however this does not...