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    Quotient Request

    Hi Team, It would be immensely helpful is you could use Quotient as an Action in a workflow, not just a Trigger in order to get to most out of the integration. Would it be possible to have an Action where a contact is Created? Example below
  2. L

    Editing User Permissions with Lead Connector V2

    Hi Pabbly Support, I have a question about the Lead Connector app and creating a user. I noticed that there are various permissions like appointments, reviews, and online listings that can be edited. However, there are other permissions like Social Planner, Invoice Blogging that are set to "on"...
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    Instantly.ai update request

    Hi Team, I'm using the Instantly.ai integration - Action Event 'Email Reply Received' but the automation doesn't seem to capture the actual Email Reply as a body text. Is it possible to update this please as it would be super useful? Thank you
  4. L

    Find Quote ID not available in simPRO Actions

    Hi @Pabbly Team @Nivesh - thank you for actioning this request as it is very helpful. However we've tested it out and unfortunately it is returning incorrect data. Please could the team have a look
  5. L

    Email Parser Trigger

    Is there any way you can implement update this Email Parser trigger to pull a recent feed of recent email sent to the inbox when you click 'Re-capture Email Parser Response'. In Zapier you can request the trigger to pull the most recent data from recent emails received which helps massively when...
  6. L

    Required Data not sending to Lead Connector

    ok I see now...thanks I'll try again
  7. L

    Required Data not sending to Lead Connector

    thanks but could you eleborate what the errors were? (there were some errors in the way you were entering the tag and phone number)
  8. L

    Required Data not sending to Lead Connector

    We're trying to send a contact from simPRO to Lead Connecotr. We managed to do a test with one customer, but in the Lead Connector part of the workflow, the required data is not being retreiced (First Name, Last Name, email etc..) Please see...
  9. L

    Creating sub-folders within folders - Google Drive

    I need to create a sub-folder within a sub-folder within a folder etc... Is there no way to navigate Google Drive folders in Pabbly? Currently I see we only have access to the rooft folder and one sub-folder (only one level down) Please advise? Francis