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  1. lohith

    HTML Characters in WAAPI Text message

    When i tried to send a message from telegram bot to Whatsapp through WAAPI, I am getting the messages as below: Message sent from telegram But when i received it in my whatsapp it got it like this. Can anyone help me out where i missed out ? I wanted to remove slashes in the message.
  2. lohith

    Send images from Telegram Bot to Google My Business

    Hey guys! I am trying to setup a workflow like this : Whenever an image is sent to my Telegram Bot, Pabbly should fetch the image file and post it in Google My business as a POST. Going through the list of actions available for GMB, I understood that I won't be able to create a post. Is there...
  3. lohith

    Send Image from Telegram to Whatsapp through waapi

    Hello!! Workflow - Whenever I send an image to my telegram bot, it should send that image file to whatsapp group through Waapi. What did I do? I created a telegram bot using botfather as suggested by pabbly connect and I set up the trigger event for that bot as "SET WEBHOOK/WATCH UPDATES". I...