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  1. billymingione

    Hyperlinking a Webhook request?

    Is it possible to hyperlink a webhook? In this use case, I would like to create a link that sends a message through Twilio after someone clicks. It seems rather simple, but most information is about Discord, and I'm not using Discord! Thanks in advance! William
  2. billymingione

    Connecting to ShortySMS using an API

    Hey everyone, quick question regarding ShortySMS from the Appsumo team. I'm looking to connect Pabbly using an API but I seem to be running into a lot of issues. Below is a screenshot of their Oath Page. I tried using the /contacts Endpoint to add a contact every time I receive a new...
  3. billymingione

    Connecting Pabbly with Flowlu tp create a new "CRM account"

    Hey everyone, not sure if anyone else is running into the same issues as I am but many of the support videos show on both Pabbly and Flowlu have different setups than what is currently offered. All I'm looking to do is have a webhook trigger a new contact to be created within Flowlu and I'm...