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  1. RayMizzi

    changing tax in exisiting Subscriptions HOW?

    From 1st June we have to apply GST to all our products and our current running subscriptions. We can edit the tax rule to include the 10% subscription fee but wonder if we change the tax rule will it automatically be applied to all currently active subscriptions? So in other words - if a $100...
  2. RayMizzi

    Issues adding Paypal

    We have added PayPal but its not showing up as an option for client in checkout Please advise. Have used the keys.
  3. RayMizzi

    How to Add Collaborator or co worker as additional ADMIN

    Need to add a colleague as a co worker in Pebbly, how do I do this?
  4. RayMizzi

    New Subs always in the future??

    Use to be able to bill and collect a customer in an instant. I would just run it through as a subscription, click the button and it would appear instantly in sales. But now it appears to be always in 'the future'.. Why is this, why can we not just settle on the same day?? Just wanted to collect...
  5. RayMizzi

    Updating Stripe NOTICE 24/01/2022 ISSUE!!

    Ok, you just told everyone to update the payment gateway keys for Stripe. Now we have to update all our subscriptions, which in my case means also converting all the customer's plans and THEN updating EACH customer all manually so that they use the updated gateway to make payments - one at a...
  6. RayMizzi

    Resume ?? Subscription was resumed but did not Charge

    $100 per fortnight subscription was resumed after weeks of Pause. But no charge was collected? Should it not be collecting $100 straight away?
  7. RayMizzi

    Failed Payment had no reason

    this is the reason a payment failes. I asked for help and there was no explanation and I am now confused and without help. I do not know how to proceed here.
  8. RayMizzi

    Ray Mizzi PBS Issues and Requests

    What is our use of Pabbly? We are a music school and teach music and therapeutic services. We are different from other PBS clients as we use a two-week subscription with clients starting at different times of the week and needing credit and refund, changes of...
  9. RayMizzi

    Passing Stripe and Pabbly Costs onto Customer as a % of an invoice ?? HELP !

    Is there a way to add the Stripe % onto a recurring bill. For Example, we charge $100 but the customer pays $101.50 to include the Stripe fee. Passing the service fees onto the customer. This is critical this end to assist as we are as SMB and these costs began to mount up on our side.